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GB 7258-2012 English PDF (GB7258-2012)

GB 7258-2012 English PDF (GB7258-2012)

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GB 7258-2012: Safety specifications for power-driven vehicles operating on roads

This Standard specifies the basic technical requirements for the operating safety of complete-vehicle, as well as main assemblies, safety protection devices, etc. of powerdriven vehicles. It also specifies the additional requirements for fire engines, ambulances, wreckers, police vehicles and vehicles for handicapped driving. This Standard applies to all the power-driven vehicles operating on roads in China; however, it is not applicable to trams or wheeled mobile machinery for special purpose designed, manufactured and mainly used on closed roads and sites.
GB 7258-2012
ICS 43.020
T 09
Replacing GB 7258-2004
Safety Specifications for Power-driven
Vehicles Operating on Roads
ISSUED ON. MAY 11, 2012
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
Introduction ... 9
Safety Specifications for Power-driven Vehicles ... 10
Operating on Roads ... 10
1 Scope ... 10
2 Normative References ... 10
3 Terms and Definitions ... 13
4 Complete-vehicle ... 19
5 Engine ... 30
6 Steering System... 31
7 Braking System ... 32
8 Lighting, Signaling Devices and Other Electric Equipment ... 42
9 Driving System ... 48
10 Transmission System ... 50
11 Bodywork ... 52
12 Safety Protection Devices ... 57
13 Additional Requirements for Fire Engine, Ambulance, Wrecker, and Police Vehicle ... 64
14 Additional Requirements for Vehicles for Handicapped Driving ... 65 15 Transitional requirements for the implementation of this Standard ... 65 Annex A ... 69
Annex B ... 70
Bibliography ... 80
In this Standard, Annex A and B are recommended, while the remaining provisions are compulsory.
This Standard is drafted on the basis of GB/T1.1-2009.
This Standard replaces GB 7258-2004 ?€?Safety Specifications for Power-driven Vehicles Operating on Roads?€?. Compared with GB 7258-2004, this Standard has the main revisions as follows.
-- Modify the application scope in Clause 1 (Clause 1);
-- Modify Chapter 3 that the definitions of terms such as power-driven vehicle, passenger car, bus, public bus (city bus), truck, semi-trailer, special motor vehicle, bi-fuel vehicle, dual-fuel vehicle, trailer, draw-bar-trailer, central-axle trailer, semi- trailer, combination vehicles, articulated vehicle, motorcycle and moped, and wheeled mobile machinery for special purpose etc.; add the definitions of such terms as passenger vehicle, interurban bus (interurban coach), touring bus, school bus, school bus for infants, school bus for schoolchildren, special school bus, low- speed vehicle, road transportation vehicle of dangerous goods, battery electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles, driving school training vehicle, vehicle for handicapped driving, motorcycle, motorcycle with two wheels, motorcycle with sidecar, right three-wheeled motorcycle, moped with two wheels, right three-wheeled moped and special size vehicle; remove the definition of sleeper coach (Clause of Edition 2004) and electric vehicles (Clause 3.2.9 of GB7258-2004); classify motor vehicles into three sub-categories, i.e., passenger vehicle, goods vehicle, and special motor vehicle; combine ?€?motorcycle?€? (Clause 3.5 of Edition 2004) with ?€?moped?€? (Clause 3.6 of Edition 2004) together under the term ?€?motorcycle and moped?€? (Clause 3.5 of this version); and rename
?€?motorcycle?€? (Clause 3.5 of Edition 2004) as ?€?motorcycle?€? (Clause 3.5.1 of this version);
-- Modify the content to be present on the plate for some power-driven vehicles (Clause 4.1.2 of this version) and the provisions concerning punching of VIN(Clause 4.1.3 of this version); add the requirement that model and serial number of motor shall be punched for battery electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles, and electric motorcycles/mopeds; and clarify the visibility and permanent retainability of the attached markings(Clause 4.1.4 of this version).
-- Add the requirement that for passenger cars and goods vehicles with GVW no more than 3500 kg (except for low-speed vehicles), VIN shall be permanently applied adjacent to the windscreen pillar; passenger car has the electronic data interface for VIN reading, VIN shall be marked at the proper location of the trunk (or the luggage compartment), and VIN or component No. shall be marked on at least 5 main components (Clauses 4.1.5 and 4.1.6 of this version). Modify the marking requirements on road transportation vehicles of dangerous goods (Clause 4.1.7 of this version); upon retrofitting or repair of power-driven vehicles, no treatment such as covering, grinding, patching after chiseling, shimming, etc. or destructive operations such as perforating or drilling are permitted as to VIN and other complete-vehicle signs (Clause 4.1.8 of this version).
-- Modify the requirement for rear overhang of rear-engine articulated bus of which the overall length is less than 16 m (Clause 4.3 of this version); regulate that gross mass of semi-trailer for articulated vehicle shall not be more than the maximum allowable towing mass of the semi trailer towing vehicle (Clause of this version); further clarify the requirements for passenger number authorization of passenger vehicles (Clauses 4.5.2 and 4.5.3 of this version), and special provision on the authorized passenger number (Clause 4.5.6);
-- Adjust the requirements for values of steady roll angle test of buses, tankers, tank- type trailers(Clauses 4.7.1 and 4.7.2); add the safety provision of special facilities for indoor caravans and its trailers(Clause 4.8.4); all trucks and special motor vehicle shall be painted with GVW; trucks with fences and dump trucks shall be sprayed with height of fences; container trucks shall be sprayed with the container capacity; types of goods allowable for transportation, enlarged license plate number shall be marked on some goods vehicles and all trailers; authorized seating positions shall be sprayed on some buses; and modify the requirements of the appearance signs of special school buses and the plates of school buses be sprayed on the driving school training vehicle; add the requirement of marking painted on the outside of motor vehicle and the principle of lamps installation (Clauses 4.8.11, 4.8.12 of this version), the provisions in principles for the marking pattern sprayed on external surface as well as lamps mounted on power-driven vehicles (Clauses 4.8.12 of this version); delete the requirement that ?€?Smoking and Fire Prohibited?€? shall be sprayed on both sides of body of cargo vehicles that are specially for transportation of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods?€? (Clause 4.8.5, Edition 2004);
-- Add the requirements in principles for environmental protection of power-driven vehicles (Clause 4.15 of this version); Add provisions concerning user?€?s manual of power-driven vehicles (Clause 4.16 of this version);
-- Add the requirement that the dimension, load and mass, steering system, braking system, external lighting and signal device for wheeled mobile machinery for special purpose shall comply with relevant compulsory standard of earth moving machine (Clauses 4.17.2);
-- Clarify the requirement that three-wheel motorcycles with cab and steering wheel (Clause 6.1 of this version); modify the requirement of maximum locking angle of steering-wheel (Clauses 6.4) and steering force test (Clauses 6.8 of this version), add the requirement that special school bus shall adopt steering auxiliary device (Clauses 6.9) and there is no requirement on the transverse side slip of the steered wheel, in case that the front axle is biaxial (Clauses 6.11);
-- Modify the requirement of the complete release time for vehicle braking of vehicles with 3 axles or more (Clause 7.1.6) and the types of vehicles which shall be installed with ABS (Clause 7.2.11); add the requirement that front wheels of some power-driven vehicles shall be equipped with disc brake (Clause 7.2.6); add that for driving school training vehicles (except tri-wheel vehicles), a co-brake pedal shall be fitted (Clause 7.2.12 of this version); add the requirement that some vehicles shall be equipped with auxiliary braking devices (Clause 7.5) and that the air reservoir shall be equipped with t...

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