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YS/T 273.16-2020 English PDF (YST273.16-2020)

YS/T 273.16-2020 English PDF (YST273.16-2020)

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YS/T 273.16-2020: Methods for chemical analysis and physical properties test of cryolite - Part 16: Determination of lithium content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
This Part specifies the method for determination of lithium content in cryolite. This Part applies to the determination of lithium content in cryolite. Measuring range: 0.010%~1.50%. 2 Method Summary Use perchloric acid to remove all fluorine from the test material; and then dissolve it with hydrochloric acid and water. The test solution is measured at the wavelength of 670.8 nm of the atomic absorption spectrometer using an air-acetyl block flame to measure the absorbance of lithium; and the lithium content is calculated. 3 Reagents Unless otherwise stated, only reagents and laboratory Class-III water determined to be of analytically pure are used in the analysis. 3.1 Cryolite, spectrally pure. 3.2 Perchloric acid (????1.67 g/mL). 3.3 Hydrochloric acid (1+1). 3.4 Lithium standard storage solution: Weigh 5.3228 g of lithium carbonate (spectrally pure) into a 500 mL beaker; cover with a watch plate; slowly add 125 mL of nitric acid (1+9); heat until completely dissolved; boil for a few minutes; and cool to room temperature. Transfer the solution into a 1000mL volumetric flask and dilute with water to the mark; mix well. 1mL of this solution contains 1.0mg of lithium. 3.5 Lithium standard solution: Pipette 10.00 mL of lithium standard storage solution (3.4) into a 100 mL volumetric flask; dilute to volume with water; and mix well. 1 mL of this solution YS/T 273.16-2020 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery. Page 6 of 9 contains 100??g of lithium. 4 Apparatus Atomic absorption spectrometer with lithium hollow cathode lamp. Under the best working conditions of the instrument, any instrument that can meet the following indicators can be used: --- Sensitivity: In a sol

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