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YS/T 273.1-2020 English PDF (YST273.1-2020)

YS/T 273.1-2020 English PDF (YST273.1-2020)

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YS/T 273.1-2020: Methods for chemical analysis and physical properties test of cryolite - Part 1: Determination of moisture content - Gravimetric method
This Part specifies the method for determination of moisture content in cryolite. This Part applies to the determination of moisture content in cryolite. Measuring range: ?? 1.50%. 2 Method summary After the sample is dried in the oven, the difference in mass of the sample before and after drying is calculated, which is the moisture content of the sample. 3 Instruments 3.1 Weighing bottle: The diameter is 45 mm; it is flat type, which has a lid. 3.2 Oven: It is capable of controlling the temperature at 110 ??C ?? 5 ??C. 3.3 Dryer. 4 Specimens The specimens shall be kept in a sealed container. It shall mixed thoroughly before weighing. 5 Analytical steps 5.1 Sample Weigh 5.0 g of specimen (4), accurate to 0.0001 g. 5.2 Parallel test Do two tests in parallel. Take the average value. YS/T 273.1-2020 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery. Page 6 of 7 5.3 Determination 5.3.1 Put the weighing bottle (3.1) into the oven (3.2), at 110 ??C ?? 5 ??C, to dry it for 2 hours. Cool it to room temperature, in the desiccator (3.3). Repeat this cycle, until the weight is constant. Weigh it. 5.3.2 Spread the sample (5.1) evenly on the bott

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