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YS/T 1028.4-2015 English PDF (YST1028.4-2015)

YS/T 1028.4-2015 English PDF (YST1028.4-2015)

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YS/T 1028.4-2015: Methods for chemical analysis of lithium iron phosphate. Part 4: Determination of carbon content. High frequency combustion with infrared absorption method
This part of YS/T 1028 specifies the method for determining the carbon content in lithium iron phosphate. This part applies to the determination of carbon content in lithium iron phosphate. Measuring range: 0.5%~5.0%. 2 Method summary The sample and flux are put into a porcelain crucible and heated with a high-frequency induction furnace in the oxygen flow. The carbon is burned to generate carbon dioxide, which is carried by the oxygen to the infrared absorption cell. The change of carbon dioxide concentration on infrared absorption energy follows Beer and #39;s law. The analysis results of carbon content are directly displayed on the display as a percentage. 3 Reagents and materials 3.1 Oxygen: The purity is not less than 99.5%. 3.2 Desiccant: Anhydrous magnesium perchlorate with a particle size of 0.7 mm~1.2 mm. 3.3 Purifying agent: Soda asbestos with a particle size of 0.7 mm~1.2 mm. 3.4 Pure iron: The purity is greater than 99.8%, and the carbon content is less than 0.002%. 3.5 Tungsten particles: The carbon content is less than 0.002%. 3.6 Porcelain crucible: Before use, the porcelain crucible shall be placed in a muffle furnace and burned at 1200 ¡ãC for no less than 2 hours. After it is taken out and cooled slightly, it is stored in a desiccator. YS/T 1028.4-2015 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery Page 5 of 7 4 Instruments The operating parameters of the instruments shall meet the following requirements: -- High-frequency induction furnace: It shall meet the requirements of the sample melting temperature. -- Electronic balance: The sensitivity shall be 0.1 mg. 5 Samples 5.1 Before use, the sample shall be dried in an oven at 110 ¡ãC¡À5 ¡ãC for 1 hour, then taken out and stored in a desiccator. 5.2 The particle size of the sample shall not be larger than 0.10 mm. 6 Analysis steps WARNING -- The hazards associated with combustion analysis are primarily pre-fired porcelain crucibles and combustion during the melting process. Always use crucible tong...

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