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YBB 00192003-2015 English PDF (YBB00192003-2015)

YBB 00192003-2015 English PDF (YBB00192003-2015)

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YBB 00192003-2015: Test for Vertical Axis Deviation of Bottles

Test for Vertical Axis Deviation of Bottles
This Standard applies to the determination of vertical axis deviation and ampoule circular run-out of medicinal glass bottles in a circular shape. Complicated-shape bottles generally do not use this Standard (except those of which the bottom axis can be fixed).
Vertical axis deviation is the horizontal deviation from the center of the bottle mouth to the vertical line passing through the center of the bottle bottom. The vertical axis deviation specified in this Standard means that, when the glass bottle rotates one revolution around the central axis of the bottle bottom, a half of the diameter of the circle made by the center of the bottle mouth around the central axis of the bottle bottom.
[Instruments and devices] Requirement for test instrument. It shall ensure that, when the test bottle bottom is placed horizontally, the horizontal distance between the center of the test bottle mouth and the vertical axis of the center of the bottom can be measured.
The instrument REQUIRES a method or equipment to fix the bottle bottom, or to ensure the close contact between the bottle bottom and the horizontal plane; REQUIRES a chassis which can make the bottle rotate or a reliable rotation

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