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YBB 00032003-2015 English PDF (YBB00032003-2015)

YBB 00032003-2015 English PDF (YBB00032003-2015)

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YBB 00032003-2015: Test for Hemolysis

YBB 00032003-2015
Test for Hemolysis
Test for Hemolysis
This test is a method for measuring the amount of hemoglobin released by red blood cells by directly contacting the test sample with blood, so as to measure the degree of hemolysis in vitro of the test sample.
[Preparation prior to the test] COLLECT 20 ml of blood from healthy
household-rabbit hearts; ADD 1 ml of 2% potassium oxalate solution, so as to prepare fresh anticoagulant household-rabbit blood. TAKE 8 ml of the fresh anticoagulant household-rabbit blood; and ADD 10 ml of sodium chloride
injection to dilute it.
[Preparation of the test sample] WEIGH 3 copies of the test sample, 5 g each. Unless otherwise specified, it is generally cut into strips of 0.5 cm X 2 cm. [Test procedure] For the 3 test tubes of the test sample group, ADD 5 g of test sample and 10 ml of sodium chloride injection to each tube. For 3 test tubes of negative control group, ADD 10 ml of sodium chloride injection to each tube. For 3 test tubes of positive control group, ADD 10 ml of purified water to each tube. All the test tubes are placed in a constant temperature water bath at

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