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SL 282-2003 English PDF (SL282-2003)

SL 282-2003 English PDF (SL282-2003)

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SL 282-2003: Design specification for concrete arch dams

This Specification is applicable to the design of concrete arch dam of Classification 1, 2 and 3 in water resources and hydroelectric hubs. For the design of concrete arch dam of Classification 4 and 5, this Specification can be a reference. For the dam over 200m high or the arch dam project under special situations, special study shall be done. According to the height, concrete arch dams can be divided into low dam, medium dam and high dam. Low dam is less than 30m, medium dam is between 30m and 70m, and high dam is over 70m. According to the thickness to height ration, concrete arch dams can be divided into thin arch dam, medium thick arch dam and thick arch dam (or called as gravity-arch dam). For thin arch dam, the thickness to height ration is less than 0.2. For medium thick arch dam, it is between 0.2 and 0.35. And for thick arch dam, it is over 0.35.
SL 282-2003
Water Resources Industry Standard
of the PEOPLE Republic of China
P SL 282-2003
Design specification for concrete arch dams
Issued by. Ministry of Water Resources of the PEOPLE Republic of China Water Resources Industry Standards
of the PEOPLE Republic of China
Design specification for concrete arch dams
Chief editorial organizations. Shanghai Investigation, Design and Research Institute; Changjiang Investigation, Planning, Design and Research
Institute of Changjiang Water resources Commission.
Approved by. Ministry of Water Resources of the PEOPLE Republic of China IMPLEMENTED ON. JUNE 01, 2003
Ministry of Water Resources of the PEOPLE Republic of China
Notice on Approval of Release of SL282-2003 Design
Specification for Concrete Arch Dams
SGK [2003] No. 94
TO. Organizations directly under the ministry of water resources (water affair); departments (bureaus) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities; water resources (water affair) bureaus of municipalities with independent planning; and water resources bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.
Through examination, Design Specification for Concrete Arch Dams is approved and issued as water resources industry standard. The Standard Number is SL282-2003, replacing the previous version SD145-85.
This Standard shall be implemented from June 1, 2003.
Text of this Standard shall be published by China Water Power Press.
March 9, 2003
SD145-85 Design Specification for Concrete Arch Dams is revised according to the formulation and revision plan on technical standard issued in 1997 by Ministry of Water Resources, document SGJ (1997) No. 7 Notice on Printing and Distributing Documents Related to Water Resources and Hydroelectricity Survey Design Technical Standards Working Conference of Water Resources and Hydroelectricity Design Administration, and SL01-97 Specification on Compiling Technical Standard of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Development.
The theoretical principle of the revision of the specification is that currently, the water resources industry will make revisions in accordance with the safety factor method of constant values, instead of the provisions in GB 50199-94 Unified Design Standard for Reliability of Hydraulic Engineering Structures. In document SGJJ (1999) No. 10 Letter on Printing and Distributing Minutes of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Project Design Reliability Theory Application Seminar, Water Resources and Hydroelectricity Design Administration of Ministry of Water Resources, it restates the above principle and puts up the idea that conditional large-scale projects could be analyzed and studied in the design with reliability theory. After accumulating experiences through project design and practices, and after the conditions are matured, it may be studied when the specification is revised in future.
The contents of chapters in the revised SL282-2003 Design Specification for Concrete Arch Dams are.
?€? The selection of arch dam shape, the method of flood discharge and the arrangement of arch dam;
?€? Hydraulic design for flood discharge, energy dissipation and scour prevention; ?€? Load and load-combination upon arch dam;
?€? The contents, methods and control standards of the stress analysis on arch dam; ?€? The anti-skid stability, deformation stability and safety indexes of arch dam abutment;
?€? The excavation, grouting, seepage-proofing, drainage, and the treatment of fault and rock mass with weak structure of the dam foundation;
?€? The design of dam crest?€?s arrangement, parting, corridors, water-stop, drainage and other structures;
?€? The concrete materials, temperature control standards, and temperature control measures of the dam body;
?€? Safety monitoring design principles, monitoring items and monitoring facility layout. The major revised and supplementary contents for Specification SD145-85 are as follows. ?€? Add the Chapter terms and symbols, and delete Annex V of the previous specification;
?€? Add the preferred flood discharge method of the dam body for the flood discharge arrangement of the arch dam, and emphasize the influence of the project?€?s geological factors on the arrangement of arch dam;
?€? Add use variable thickness, variable curvature and other arch shapes in the selection of arch dam shape, add the description of the relations between reasonable design of arch crown beam section and the arrangement of dam crest surface holes;
?€? Delete the content of ?€?Remark ????€? in the body of the previous specification on the arrangement of arch dam flood discharge, list other remarks in the explanation of articles, and add adverse influence of the flood discharge atomization shall be paid attention to;
?€? Separately list flood standards and discharge capacity in the hydraulic design, add the arrangement with a combination of various drainage buildings in flood discharge, and add the requirements on the combined energy dissipation methods adopted to discharge holes of the dam body;
?€? Add the design requirements of the application of artificial cushion pool for the energy dissipation and impingement prevention, and emphasize that the energy dissipater is responsible for solving the revetment and impingement prevention problems of the eroded phase of the river channel downstream;
?€? Add two basic load combinations and two special load combinations which include the normal design temperature rise;
?€? Emphasize that the results calculated according to finite element method shall also be regarded as the main standards of measuring the strength safety of the arch dam, and add the control standards for stress calculated according to finite element method;
?€? Define that for the arch dam under normal working state, there is no risk of skidding along the foundation surface, which will be lessened in the requirements on the design of controlling working condition;
?€? Add principles of the dam foundation treatment in karst regions and the requirements on impervious curtain. Relax the requirement of foundation surface evacuation on weathered depth of bedrock. Add the content that in the treatment of fault fracture zone and the weak interlayer. The dam body is better to be studied together with the batholiths. Supplement high-pressure cement grouting, high-pressure spraying and rinsing grouting and other treatment measures for the fault fracture zone;
?€? Emphasize the requirements on the minimum elevation of dam crest; Relax the set spacing of cross joints and longitudinal joints. Put up the construction methods of arc cross joint keyway type and plastic tube drawing. Add the requirements on fire-fighting. Have supplemented the requirements on dam body and basic water-stop;
Table of Contents
1 General??Provisions...??9
2 Main??Terms??and??Symbols??...??11
2.1 Main??Terms??...??11
2.2 Basic??Symbols??...??13
3 Arch??Dam??Arrangement??...??16
3.1 General??Rules??...??16
3.2 Arch??Dam??Shape??Selection??...??17
3.3 Dam??Flood??Discharge??Arrangements??...??18
3.4 Other??Arrangement??Requirements??...??19
4 Hydraulic??Design??...??21
4.1 General??Principles??...??21
4.2 Hydraulic??Design??for??Release??Structures??...??21
4.3 Hydraulic??Calculation??for??Energy??Dissipation??and??Erosion??Control??...??24 4.4 Other??Relevant??Hydraulic??Designs??...??29
5 Load??and??Load??combination??...??32
5.1 Load??...??32
5.2 Load??Combination??...??35
6 Stress??Analysis??of??Arch??Dam??...??39
6.1 Analysis??Content??...??39
6.2 Method??of??Analysis??...??40
6.3 Control??Indexes??and??Other??Stipulations??...??40
7 Stability??Analysis??of??Arch??Dam??Abutment??...??43
7.1 General??Principles??...

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