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NB/T 47016-2011 English PDF (NBT47016-2011)

NB/T 47016-2011 English PDF (NBT47016-2011)

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NB/T 47016-2011: Mechanical property tests of product welded test coupons for pressure equipments [including Corrigendum 1]

This standard specifies the preparation, sample preparation, inspection method and qualified indexes for pressure equipment (boiler, pressure vessels and pressure piping) product welded coupons.
NB/T 47016-2011
ICS 19.160
H 22
NB/T 47016-2011 (JB/T 4744)
Replacing JB 4744-2000
Mechanical Property Tests of Product Welded Test
Coupons for Pressure Equipment
ISSUED ON. JULY 01, 2011
Issued by. National Energy Administration
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 5
2 Normative Reference ... 5
3 General Provisions ... 5
4 Coupon Preparation ... 7
6 Inspection Method and Qualified Indexes ... 10
7 Reinspection... 22
Announcement (Corrigendum) ... 24
The main changes of this standard over JB 4744-2000 "Mechanical property tests of product welded test coupons for steel pressure vessels" and JB/T 1614-1994 "Methods of mechanical property test for boiler pressure parts welded joints" are as follows.
- The product welded test panel is modified into product welded test coupons; - The application scope is enlarged from pressure vessels to boiler, pressure vessels and pressure piping;
- Aluminum, titanium, copper and nickel product welded coupons are added and tubulous coupons are added;
- "Symbol" of Chapter 3 in JB 4744-2000 is deleted and "General Provisions" is increased;
- Preparation of coupons is modified in Chapter 5;
- The Category, sampling quantity and position of coupon mechanical property inspection are modified in Chapter 6;
- Methods of tensile test and qualified indexes are modified in Chapter 7; dimensions and test methods of bending samples are modified; sampling point, quantity, inspection item and qualified indexes of impact test are modified; - The requirements of reinspection in Chapter 8 are modified.
This standard shall replace the relevant contents in JB 4744-2000 and JB/T 1614, from the implementation date.
This standard was proposed by and shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels of Standardization
Administration of China (SAC/TC 262).
Drafting organizations and staffs of this standard.
Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, Ge Zhaowen, Dou Wanbo, Fang Wunong;
China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, Shou Binan, Xie Tiejun, Yang Guoyi.
Participating drafting organizations and staffs of this standard.
Mechanical Property Tests of Product
Welded Test Coupons for Pressure Equipment
1 Scope
This standard specifies the preparation, sample preparation, inspection method and qualified indexes for pressure equipment?€?s (boiler, pressure vessels and pressure piping) product welded coupons.
This standard is applicable to the inspection of mechanical property and bending property for steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and nickel pressure equipment?€?s product welded coupons.
The product welded coupons include product weld test plate, product inspection coupons, simulating loop and certification loop.
This standard is not applicable to gas cylinders.
2 Normative Reference
The following referenced documents are indispensable references, only the edition cited applies. For dated references, only the dated edition of the normative reference referred to applies. For the undated normative references, the latest editions (including all amendments) apply.
GB/T 228 Metallic Materials - Tensile Testing
GB/T 229 Metallic Materials - Charpy Pendulum Impact Test Method
GB/T 2653 Bend Test Methods on Welded Joints
NB/T 47014 Welding Procedure Qualification for Pressure Equipment
3 General Provisions
3.1 In addition to the requirements of this standard, the inspection of mechanical property for product welded coupons shall also be in accordance with the relevant requirements of safety technical codes, standards and design documents. 3.2 Materials used for coupons shall be of the same standard, code (mark and steel grade), specification (only for thickness and outside diameter) and heat treatment state with materials used for components of pressure equipment. Where 06Cr13Al steel is adopted to weld pressure equipment and post-weld heat treatment is not carried out, the base metal of coupons shall include steel plate of each furnace number.
3.3 The pressure equipment product welded coupons are classified into plate coupons and tubulous coupons. Tubulous refers to pipeline and loop.
3.4 The arrangement of product welded coupons.
a) The plate coupon of shell ring longitudinal joints shall be arranged at the prolongation of its welding line; it shall be welded simultaneously with the shell ring that it represents.
b) The tubulous coupons or plate coupons used for circumferential joints shall be welded in the welding process of components of pressure equipment which it represents.
3.5 Welding procedure of coupons
3.5.1 Where the inspected welded joints are subjected to different welding procedures, the welding procedure and condition of the coupons shall be the same with those of the welded joints that coupons represent; coupons shall be prepared with practical welding procedure (includes post-weld heat treatment) which can bring lower mechanical property.
3.5.2 Welders for welding the coupon shall be the one participates in welding the pressure equipment components.
3.5.3 Coupons shall be prepared according to the special welding process documents. Coupon code, work order number or pressure equipment number and material code shall be indicated clear in the welding process documents. 3.5.4 Coupons shall be equipped with welding records.
3.6 Repair coupon welding line is permissible and the repair process shall be the same with the repair process of pressure equipment components.
3.7 After being carried out appearance inspection and nondestructive testing, coupons shall be sampled at the position where free from defect and imperfection. 3.8 The sample shall be allowed for cool leveling before removing welded joint reinforcement.
3.9 Where two or more than two kinds of welding methods are adopted or welding procedure with different key factors and supplemental factors are adopted, all weld different; three impact samples shall be taken at each side of heat affected zone. 5.4.3 Except for requirements of design documents, the composite metal shall be prepared of impact sample only at the basement layer.
5.4.4 Impact test at heat affected zone of low carbon steel, Q345R and austenitic chromium-nickel steel coupons is permissible to be omitted.
5.4.5 Aluminum magnesium alloy whose magnesium content exceeds 3% shall be prepared of impact samples only at the weld zone.
5.5 Sample position
5.5.1 The sampling position of plate sample is detailed in Figure 1; the impact sample position used for reinspection remains unchanged.
5.5.2 The sampling position of tubulous coupons is detailed in Figure 2. 5.6 The length of rejection part at both ends of coupons shall be subject to welding method and plate thickness, it shall not be less than 30mm for manual welding, and not be less than 40mm for motorized welding and automatic welding. If there are arc starting plate and run off plate, the parts at the both ends of coupon may be rejected or not.
5.7 Sample blank shall be made with cold process and hot working method but the heat affected zone shall be neglected.
5.8 After the sample inspection is qualified and marked with lines, steel seal or permanent marking shall be printed.
6 Inspection Method and Qualified Indexes
6.1 Tensile test
6.1.1 Tensile samples for joints Sampling and processing requirements.
a) Tensile samples shall be taken from the heat affected zone and each kind of weld metal of each welding method (or welding process);
b) As for composite metal, where the coating thickness is involved in calculating the composite board strength, the tensile sample shall include the coating and basement layer; where the coating thickness is not involved in calculating the composite board strength, the tensile sample shall omit the coating and its weld metal;
c) The weld reinforcement of samples shall be removed with cold process to make it be flush with base metal;
d) Coupons whose thickness less than or equal to 30mm, samples of through thickness shall be adopted to conduct an experiment; the sample thickness shall be equal to or close to the base material thickness of coupons T; e) When the testing machine is unable to carry out the tensile test of full thickness due to capacity restriction, the coupon may be uniformly sampled in layer at thickness direction, and the sample preparation thickness after equation shall be close to the maximum thickness of testing machine bearing test. Two or multiple sample test after equation may replace the test of one full thickness sample. Sample form.
a) Tensile sample of compact type plate joint with shoulder plate (see Figure 3) is applicable to the plate coupon of all thickness;
b) Tensile sample of compact type pipe joint with shoulder plate, type I (see Figure 4) is applicable to all tubulous coupons whose outer diameter is greater than 76mm;
c) Tensile sample of compact type pipe joint with shoulder plate, type II (see Figu...

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