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NB/T 47013.2-2015 English PDF (NBT47013.2-2015)

NB/T 47013.2-2015 English PDF (NBT47013.2-2015)

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NB/T 47013.2-2015: [Including 2018XG1] Nondestructive testing of pressure equipments - Part 2: Radiographic testing

This Part of NB/T 47013 specifies detection technology and quality grading requirements for X-ray and gamma-ray used for welding joints on metal melting of pressure equipment.
NB/T 47013.2-2015
ICS 77.040.20
H 26
Replacing JB/T 4730.2-2005
Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment -
Part 2. Radiographic testing
Issued by. National Energy Administration
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4
1 Scope ... 8
2 Normative references ... 8
3 Terms and definitions ... 9
4 General requirements ... 11
5 Inspection process and its selection ... 17
6 Evaluation of radiographic testing results and quality grading for melting welding joints of pressure equipment ... 35
7 Radiographic testing result evaluation and quality grading for melting welding joints of pressure equipment?€?s pipes and pressure pipelines made of steel, nickel and copper ... 43
8 Inspection records and reports ... 49
Annex A (Informative) Radiography requirements for tube-fillet welds ... 52 Annex B (Normative) Industrial radiographic film system?€?s characteristic indexes ... 60
Annex C (Informative) Regular inspection methods of the nigrometer (optical densimeter) ... 61
Annex D (Informative) Determination of darkroom?€?s safety irradiation time ... 62 Annex E (Informative) Diagram of typical penetrating methods ... 67
Annex F (Informative) Determination methods of penetrating times for circular butt welds ... 73
Annex G (Normative) Calculation methods of focal size ... 81
Annex H (Normative) Calculation methods of geometric sharpness (Ug) ... 82 Annex I (Informative) Light filters ... 83
Annex J (Normative) Placement principle of positioning marks ... 84
Annex K (Informative) Measuring methods for ionic concentration of thiosulfate on films ... 88
Annex L (Normative) Reference blocks?€? type and specification ... 89
This Standard, NB/T 47013 ?€?Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment?€?, consists of the following 13 parts.
- Part 1. General requirements;
- Part 2. Radiographic testing;
- Part 3. Ultrasonic testing;
- Part 4. Magnetic particle testing;
- Part 5. Penetrant testing;
- Part 6. Eddy current testing;
- Part 7. Visual testing;
- Part 8. Leak testing;
- Part 9. Acoustic emission testing;
- Part 10. Ultrasonic time of flight diffraction technique testing;
- Part 11. X-ray digital radioscopic examination;
- Part 12. Magnetic flux leakage testing;
- Part 13. Pulsed eddy current testing.
This Part is Part 2. Radiographic testing of NB/T 47013.
This Part is drafted according to the rules provided in GB/T 1.1-2009 ?€?Directives for standardization - Part 1. Structure and drafting of standards?€?.
This Part replaces JB/T 4730.2-2005 ?€?Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment - Part 2. Radiographic testing?€?, compared with JB/T 4730.2-2005, main technical changes are as follows.
- ENLARGE the application scope of the standard; ADD plug-in fillet joint butt welds, put-type fillet joint butt welds, as well as the detection technology and quality grading requirements for X-ray and ??-ray on tube-plate board welds; CANCEL the classification of steel;
- MODIFY and ADD parts of normative references;
weld, the welds of ellipsoidal head and butterfly head in small ?? zone, as well as the welds with continuously changed curvature;
- ADD the technical requirements for overlapping in effective evaluation zone; - MODIFY the transmission principle of small-diameter pipe in the case that the structure is limited;
- ADD the broadening principle of f when the put-type and plug-in pipe-seat fillet weld source is in inner transmission method;
- ADD the placement principle of the distance between the film and the workpiece inspected;
- ADD the limit of exposure time for ??-ray source, and the provisions of limiting application of multi-source exposure, as well as the placement requirements of IQI for exposure of the whole sphere;
- ADD the recommended technical requirements for application of filter plates; - MODIFY the placement principle of positioning marks and identification marks; - ADD the selection principle for darkroom handling reagent of films, and the contents about delayed time for film handling, as well as quality inspection for film handling;
- MODIFY the contents of film?€?s quality requirements; ADD the contents of storage of films;
- MODIFY the IQI?€?s sensitivity that different transmission thickness shall meet; ENLARGE the corresponding scope of material thickness; ADD the sensitivity requirements of hole IQI;
- ADD the applicable welding structures IN the parts of radiographic testing results at welding joints and quality grading;
- ADD and MODIFY the contents of radiographic testing records and reports. - CANCEL the contents of ?€?Types and specifications of special IQI?€?;
- MODIFY special reference block for small-diameter tube.
This Part is proposed by and shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on Boiler Pressure Vessel of the Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 262).
Drafting organizations of this Part. China Special Equipment Detection Research Nondestructive testing for pressure equipment ?€?
Part 2. Radiographic testing
1 Scope
1.1 This Part of NB/T 47013 specifies detection technology and quality grading requirements for X-ray and ??-ray used for welding joints on metal melting of pressure equipment.
1.2 In this Part, the metals used for welding joints of metal melting include steel, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy, titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy. The types of welding joints include butt welds of plate and tube?€? butt joints (hereinafter referred to as ?€?butt welds?€?), butt welds of plug-in and put-type connecting pipe?€?s fillet joint (hereinafter referred to as ?€?fillet welds?€?) and welds of pipe-pipe sheet welds (refer to Annex A).
1.3 The radiographic testing for other metal materials, welding joints of supporting parts and structural parts of pressure equipment can also refer to this Part. 2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. GB 11533 Standard logarithmic visual acuity charts
GB/T 12604.2 Non-destructive testing - Terminology - Terms used in radiographic testing
GB 18871 Basic standards for protection against ionizing radiation and for the safety of radiation sources
GB/T 19348.1 Non-destructive testing - Industrial radiographic films - Part 1. Classification of film systems for industrial radiography
GB/T 19348.2 Non-destructive testing - Industrial radiographic films - Part 2. Control of film processing by means of reference values
GB/T 19802 Non-destructive testing - Industrial radiographic illuminators - Minimum requirements
GB/T 23901.2 Non-destructive testing - Image quality of radiographs - Part 2. Image quality indicators (step/hole type) - Determination of image quality value GBZ 117 Radiological protection standards for industrial X-ray detection GBZ 132 Radiological protection standards for industrial gamma-radiography NB/T 47013.1 Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment - Part 1. General requirements
JB/T 5075 Non-destructive testing - Metal intensifying screens for radiographic testing
JB/T 7902 Image quality indicators (wire type) for radiographic testing 3 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this Part, the following terms and definitions and those defined in GB/T 12604.2 and NB/T 47013.1 apply.
penetrated thickness; W
Nominal thickness in radial irradiation direction. In multi-layer penetrating, the penetrated thickness shall be equal to the sum of nominal thickness of each layer of material passed.
object-to-film distance; b
The distance between side surface of radiation source at object?€?s inspected position measured along the central axis of the ray bundle.
source-to-object distance; f
The distance between sides surfaces of radiation source at object?€?s inspected position measured along the central axis of ray bundle.
focal distance; F
The distance between radiation source inspected along the central axis of ray bundle feature indications of the film system, see Annex B. The film manufacturer shall conduct system performance test to the films produced, provide types and parameters. The handling methods, equipment and chemical agents shall meet GB/T 19348.2, using the pre-exposure fi...

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