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JTG D40-2011 English PDF (JTGD40-2011)

JTG D40-2011 English PDF (JTGD40-2011)

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JTG D40-2011: Specifications for design of highway cement concrete pavement

This specification has been established to adapt the requirements of traffic development and highway construction, improve design quality and technical level of cement concrete pavement, and guarantee the safety, reliability, economics and rationality of project.
JTG D40-2011
JTG D40?€?2011
Specifications for Design of Highway
Cement Concrete Pavement
Issued by . Ministry of Transport of the PEOPLE Republic of China
3. No action is required - Full-copy of this standard will be automatically and immediately delivered to your EMAIL address in 0~60 minutes.
Public Notice of the Ministry of Transport of the PEOPLE
Republic of China
[2011 No.57]
Public Notice of Announcing Specifications for Design of Highway
Cement Concrete Pavement
Specifications for Design of Highway Cement Concrete Pavement (JTG D40 -2011) is hereby announced which will come into force from December 1, 2011, and the original Specifications for Design of Highway Cement Concrete Pavement (JTG D40 -2002) will be repealed simultaneously. The administration authority and interpretation authority of the Specification belong to Ministry of Transport, and the daily interpretation and administration work is borne by the chief editorial unit CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd.
The units concerned should pay more attention to summer up the experience, and the problems and amendments founded should write letters to inform the CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd. (Address. Room 305, Block A, Desheng International Center, No.85, Deshengmen Exterior Street, Beijing, Post Code. 100088) for research and use in the revision.
Hereby make an announcement.
Ministry of Transport of the PEOPLE Republic of China
September 19, 2011
Subject Term. Road Pavement Design Specification Public notice
General Office of the Ministry of Transport Printed and issued on September 20, 2011 Foreword
Specifications for Design of Highway Cement Concrete Pavement (JTG D40-2002) (hereinafter referred to as the original specification) has played an important role in guiding our national design of highway cement concrete pavement of our country and guaranteeing pavement quality since it is published and implemented. With the development of China's highway construction, the highway engineering technicians have accumulated rich experience in the construction of cement concrete pavement, and have gotten many research results. What?€?s more, cement concrete pavement technological level has been greatly improved, and technical indicators in the original specification have not meet needs. According to the requirement of the Notice on Issuing 2007 Highway Engineering Revision Project Plan of the Ministry of Transport (formerly Ministry of Communication) (JGLF [2007] No. 378), the CCCC Highway Consultants CO., Ltd. will act as the chief editorial unit to be responsible for the revision of the original specification. During revision process, the preparation group conducts a more comprehensive technical research on the national highway cement concrete pavements that have been finished and are being constructed, refers to domestic scientific research results and technical information for nearly past decade home and broad, fully absorbs the construction experience of the cement concrete pavement, and extensively seeks for opinions from the relevant units and experts in this industry. The Specification after revision is divided into 8 chapters and 5 appendices, mainly including the structure combination design of cement concrete pavement, the thickness design, the joint design, the reinforcement design of the concrete surface, the material composition design and the overlay structure design, etc.. This revision mainly increases checking standard for the concrete slab fracture limit and fatigue crack design standards for the lean concrete and RCC grassroots; increase level of heavy traffic loads in consideration of the special vehicles and special road structure design; improves joint design and caulking material model selection, perfects the two design index formulas for the crack spacing and crack width of the continuous reinforcement; increase the amount of concrete slab flat and joint load transfer rating criteria; and improves the material design parameter experience reference values.
If the organizations and individuals concerned have found problems in using this Specification, please write letters to inform the Highway Planning and Design Institute Limited (Address. Room Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 General ... 7
2 Terms and symbols ... 8
2.1 Terms ... 8
2.2 Symbols ... 9
3 Design parameter ... 11
4 Structural composite design ... 16
4.1 General provisions ... 16
4.2 Subgrade ... 16
4.3 Bed layer ... 17
4.4 Base and subbase ... 18
4.5 Surface layer ... 20
4.6 Road shoulder ... 21
4.7 Surface drainage... 22
5 Joint design ... 24
5.1 General provisions ... 24
5.2 Longitudinal joint... 24
5.3 Traverse joint ... 26
5.4 Joint laying at intersections ... 28
5.5 End treatment ... 29
5.6 Joint filler ... 33
6 Design of the reinforcement in the concrete surface ... 34
6.1 The reinforcement of ordinary concrete pavement ... 34
6.2 The reinforcement layout of the concrete pavement ... 36
6.3 Layout of the reinforcement of continuous reinforced concrete ... 37 7 Material composition and parameters requirements ... 40
7.1 General provisions ... 40
7.2 Subcrust material ... 40
7.3 Material for base ... 40
7.4 Surface material ... 41
7.5 Material design parameters... 42
8 The design of the additional layer structure ... 45
8.1 General provisions ... 45
8.2 Road damage condition assessment through investigation... 45
8.3 Investigation assessment of joint capacity and under board void ... 46 8.4 The structure coefficient investigation of the old concrete road ... 47 8.5 Selection of overlay scheme ... 48
8.6 The design of the pitch additional layer structure ... 49
8.7 Additional layer structure design of the separated concrete ... 50
8.8 Additional layer structure design of the combined concrete ... 50
8.9 The structural design of the old asphalt pavement overlayed by cement concrete pavement ... 51
Appendix A Traffic load analysis ... 53
Appendix B Stress analysis and thickness calculation of the concrete slab ... 57 Appendix C Stress analysis of Concrete Sla...

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