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JJG 846-2015 English PDF (JJG846-2015)

JJG 846-2015 English PDF (JJG846-2015)

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JJG 846-2015: Dust Concentration Measuring Instruments
This Regulation applies to the first verification, follow-up verification and in-use inspection of dust concentration measuring instruments (hereinafter referred to as dust meters). 2 Overview A dust meter is an instrument used to measure the mass concentration of particulate matter suspended in the air. It can display concentration value or output concentration signal. The principle of the dust meter is mainly to convert the dust concentration signal into an electrical signal by light scattering method, ¦Â-ray method and light transmission method, and then display it through the secondary instrument. A dust meter is generally composed of a dust concentration conversion component, a sampling head (including a cutter or separator), an air pump, a power supply, and a circuit. Some dust meters also have structures or functions such as flow meters, sampling time display or setting, sampling volume display or setting, and signal output. According to the measurement range, the dust meter is divided into high concentration dust meter (the measurement range is generally 10mg/m3~1000mg/m3) and low concentration dust meter (the measurement range is generally 0.1mg/m3~10mg/m3). 3 Metering performance requirements 3.1 Indication error Indication error shall not exceed ¡À20%. 3.2 Indication repeatability Indication repeatability shall not exceed 10%. For dust meters based on the optical principle, if a standard light-transmitting film plate is used for testing, the repeatability

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