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JB/T 10688-2006 English PDF (JBT10688-2006)

JB/T 10688-2006 English PDF (JBT10688-2006)

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JB/T 10688-2006: Specifications of polyfluortetraethylene gaskets

This standard specifies the technical requirements, inspection, marking, packaging and storage of polyfluortetraethylene gasket. This standard is applicable to polyfluortetraethylene gasket.
JB/T 10688-2006
ICS 21.140
J 22
Record Number. 19798???2007
JB/T 10688???2006
Specifications of Polyfluortetraethylene Gaskets
Issued by. National Development and Reform Commission, PRC
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative References... 4
3 Technical Requirements ... 4
4 Inspection ... 6
5 Marking, Packaging and Storage ... 7
This standard is not equivalent to the international standard ISO 7483.1991. The main differences are as follows.
?€? ISO 7483 only recommends the gasket material. And there is no other technical condition content. While this standard specifies the gasket material, performance index, and inspection requirements etc.
This standard was drafted according to the relevant content of polyfluortetraethylene gasket in GB/T 9129-2003 ?€?Specifications of Non-metallic Flat Gaskets for Pipe Flanges?€?. The main differences over GB/T 9129???2003 are as follows.
?€? It is only applicable to polyfluortetraethylene gasket.
?€? The variety of polyfluortetraethylene gasket is increased.
?€? Different performance indexes of polyfluortetraethylene gasket are specified. This standard was proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This national standard is under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on Packing and Static Sealing of Standardization Administration of China.
Drafting organizations of this standard. Hefei General Machinery Product Inspection Institute, Zhejiang Guotai Sealing Material Co., Ltd., Benxi Huari Plastic Products Corporation, Wuxi Huaertai Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., and Nanjing Jiasheng Electromechanical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Chief drafting staffs of this standard. Yang Shuyi, Xiong Wei, Sun Jinlong, Wu Yimin, Yu Guijie, Liu Hui, Li Zhongyun, and Ni Enlai.
This standard was published for the first time.
The appearance quality of gasket is inspected visually.
4.2.2 Dimensional deviation.
The gasket dimension shall be measured by vernier caliper with a accuracy of 0.02mm. For the internal diameter, external diameter and thickness of gaskets, at the equal-arc along the circumference, measure 3 positions. Take the arithmetic mean value (accurate to 0.1mm). 4.2.3 The tests on compressibility and recovery of gasket are carried out according to Method B of GB/T 12622-1990.
4.2.4 The leakage rate test is carried out according to Method A of GB/T 12385-1990. 4.3 Sampling and judgment rules
4.3.1 For ex-factory inspection, 100 gaskets of the same material form a batch. Randomly sample 5 gaskets (For the batch that is less than 100 gaskets, sample 3 gaskets) from each batch. Inspect the dimension and appearance quality. If there is 1 gasket not complying with the specifications of this standard, double quantity of samples shall be taken for re-inspection. If there is still 1 gasket not complying with the specifications of this standard, then the whole batch of the products is subjected to full-inspection. If the number of gaskets in a batch is not sufficient for the sampling quantity, the gaskets in this batch shall be subjected to full-inspection.
4.3.2 For type inspection, the gaskets of the same-material and same-specification form a batch. Take 3 samples from each batch for type inspection. If any item of performance fails to meet the specification of this standard, then double quantity of gaskets is taken for re-inspection of that item. If there is still 1 gasket not meeting the specification of this standard, then this batch of products are deemed as unqualified, or the type inspection is judged as unqualified. 5 Marking, Packaging and Storage
5.1 Marking
When shipped out from the factory, the finished product shall be provided with product qualification certificate, with following items indicated.
a) Product name;
b) Manufacturer name or brand;
c) Product quantity;
d) Product specification;
e) Manufacturing date;
f) Product batch number;
g) Name or code of inspector.
5.2 Packaging
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, products shall be packaged separately according to material, thickness and specifications, and be provided with quality inspection certificates. 5.3 Storage
The gasket shall be stored according to the requirements of material. During storage, gaskets shall be laid flat in ventilated dry warehouse at normal temperature and free from direct exposure to sunlight. And avoid squeezing, bending and near to heat source.

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