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GB/T 39001-2019 English PDF (GBT39001-2019)

GB/T 39001-2019 English PDF (GBT39001-2019)

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GB/T 39001-2019: Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems -- Requirements with guidance for use

GB/T 39001-2019
ICS 13.100
R 09
GB/T 39001-2019 / ISO 39001:2012
Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems -
Requirements with guidance for use
(ISO 39001:2012, IDT)
Issued by: State Administration for Market Regulation;
Standardization Administration of the PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
Introduction ... 4
1 Scope ... 6
2 Normative references ... 7
3 Terms and definitions ... 7
4 Context of the organization ... 17
5 Leadership ... 18
6 Planning ... 20
7 Support ... 23
8 Operation ... 26
9 Performance evaluation ... 27
10 Improvement ... 29
Annex A (Informative) Guidance on the use of this Standard ... 31
Annex B (Informative) International work relating to road traffic safety management frameworks ... 45
Annex C (Informative) Correspondence between this Standard, GB/T 19001- 2008 and GB/T 24001-2004 ... 51
Bibliography ... 55
This Standard is drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009. This Standard, using translation method, is identical to ISO 39001:2012 "Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems - Requirements with guidance for use".
The following editorial changes have been made to this Standard:
- Delete 3.1 Note 2;
- ADD 3.12 Note 2, 3.30 Note 2, 3.32 Note, 3.33 Note 2, and 3.44 Note 2. This Standard was proposed by and shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee 223 on Traffic Engineering Facilities (Highway) of
Standardization Administration of China (SAC/TC 223).
Drafting organizations of this Standard: Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, China Classification Society Certification Company.
Main drafters of this Standard: Jiao Chengwu, Tang Chengcheng, Zhou
Ronggui, Sun Wei, Zhang Yu, Chao Sui, Zhao Nale, Zhao Weixing, Chu Minjie, Huan Chunling, Chen Hongyun, Zhang Fan.
Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems -
Requirements with guidance for use
1 Scope
This Standard specifies requirements for a road traffic safety (RTS)
management system to enable an organization that interacts with the road traffic system to reduce death and serious injuries related to road traffic crashes which it can influence. The requirements in this Standard include development and implementation of an appropriate RTS policy, development of RTS
objectives and action plans, which take into account legal and other
requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about elements and criteria related to RTS that the organization identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence.
This Standard is applicable to any organization, regardless of type, size and product or service provided, that wishes to
a) improve RTS performance,
b) establish, implement, maintain and improve an RTS management system, c) assure itself of conformity with its stated RTS policy, and
d) demonstrate conformity with this Standard.
This Standard is intended to address RTS management. It is not intended to specify the technical and quality requirements of transportation products and services (e.g. roads, traffic signs/lights, automobiles, trams, cargo and passenger transportation services, rescue and emergency services).
It is not the intent of this Standard to imply uniformity in the structure of RTS management systems or uniformity of documentation.
RTS is a shared responsibility. This Standard is not intended to exclude road users from their obligations to comply with the law and behave responsibly. It can support the organization in its efforts to encourage road users to comply with the law.
All requirements of this Standard are generic.
Where any requirement of this Standard cannot be applied due to the nature of an organization and its products or services, that requirement can be

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