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GB/T 37356-2019 English PDF (GBT37356-2019)

GB/T 37356-2019 English PDF (GBT37356-2019)

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GB/T 37356-2019: Paints and varnishes -- Lighting and procedure for visual assessments of coatings

GB/T 37356-2019
Paints and varnishes--Lighting and procedure for visual assessments of coatings ICS 87.040
National Standards of People's Republic of China
Paint and varnish coatings for visual evaluation
Lighting conditions and methods
(ISO 13076.2012, IDT)
Published on.2019-03-25
2020-02-01 implementation
State market supervision and administration
China National Standardization Administration issued
This standard was drafted in accordance with the rules given in GB/T 1.1-2009. This standard uses the translation method equivalent to ISO 13076.2012 "Lighting conditions and methods for visual evaluation of paint and varnish coatings". This standard was proposed by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. This standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Coatings and Pigments Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC5). This standard was drafted. CNOOC Changzhou Coating Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 725th Research Institute Building Door Materials Research Institute, Standard Geda Precision Instrument (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., AVIC Baimu New Material Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yutong New Materials Co., Ltd., Dongguan Enfeng Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangtian Environmental Coating Co., Ltd., Hebei Chenyang Industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., Baden Fu Industrial Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City, CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., Changzhou Guanghui New Materials Research Co., Ltd. Company, Zhejiang Mingquan Industrial Coating Co., Ltd., Chongqing Sanxia Paint Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou Jiuhua New Material Coating Industry Co., Ltd. Division, Donglai Coating Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Dongguan Guzhuo Precision Components Co., Ltd. The main drafters of this standard. Gu Huiqi, Wang Chongwu, Gao Jun, Jiang Xuezhi, Shang Hanzhang, Yang Yaliang, Long Fengjia, Wu Yong, Dong Lizhi, Zhou Caijun, Zhao Shaohong, Liu Yang, Xu Zhongcheng, Chang Sunjun, Liu Lichun, Deng Jianhua. Paint and varnish coatings for visual evaluation
Lighting conditions and methods
1 Scope
This standard specifies the lighting conditions for visual assessment of the aging area, spots or other defects on the surface of the coating or inside the coating and method.
This standard does not apply to visual colorimetric, visual colorimetric can be carried out in accordance with ISO 3668. 2 Principle
The aging area, spots or other defects of the sample were visually evaluated under specified lighting conditions. 3 instruments
Fluorescent lamp. A wide-angle light source (see Figure 1) with an aluminized reflective film that reflects light downwards. The color temperature is 6500K and the color rendering is 9 (corresponding to At the color development level 1A, the color rendering index Ra is 90 to 100). Note. The color temperature corresponding to the color temperature and color rendering is 965. 4 visual assessment method
4.1 General
Natural daylight or artificial daylight can be used for routine assessment. Because natural daylight is not stable, it will be surrounded by natural sunlight. The environmental impact, therefore, the arbitration assessment should use precisely controlled artificial daylight, and Appendix A gives an example of a visual assessment. 4.2 Assessment under natural daylight
When rating a sample, it is best to use scattered sunlight under partially cloudy weather conditions and the sample is placed northward (in the southern hemisphere, the template faces south) Place). Uniform illumination of the assessment area and its surrounding area is performed with an illumination of not less than.2000 lx. Avoid direct sunlight. 4.3 Assessment under artificial daylight
The coating is evaluated under artificial sunlight as specified in Chapter 3. When testing, hold the template at a certain distance from the light source to make the illuminance of the surface of the template Not less than 750lx (see Figure 1).
The illuminance should be measured after the fluorescent lamp is installed. The template can be tilted in any direction when evaluated. Check the pattern at the light-dark junction of the light to identify the aging zone and spots of the sample. The arbitration assessment shall be conducted under artificial sunlight. 5 test report
When using the methods specified in this standard, the test report should add the following information. a) indicate the standard number (GB/T 37356);
b) Indicate the type of light source (natural daylight or artificial daylight) used to evaluate the test panel; if an artificial light source is used, the type of light source should be given The details of.
Figure 1 Location of lights, test panels, and observers
Appendix A
(informative appendix)
Application example
Table A.1 lists examples of visual assessments that can be performed using the methods specified in this standard. Table A.1 Application examples of this standard
Test method standard
Cross-cut test ISO 2409
Impact test ISO 6272-1, ISO 6272-2
Stone resistance ISO 20567-1, ISO 20567-2
Chemical resistance
ISO 2812-1, ISO 2812-2, ISO 2812-3,
ISO 2812-4, ISO 2812-5, ISO 15710
Film defect
ISO 4628-2, ISO 4628-3, ISO 4628-4,
ISO 4628-5, ISO 4628-6, ISO 4628-7,
ISO 4628-8, ISO 4628-10
Scratch resistance ISO 1518-1, ISO 1518-2, ISO 12137
Car washing test ISO 20566
Bending test ISO 1519, ISO 6860, ISO 17132
Drying test
ISO 9117-1, ISO 9117-2, ISO 9117-3,
ISO 9117-4, ISO 9117-5, ISO 9117-6
Grinding fineness ISO 1524
Pull-off adhesion test ISO 4624
Anti-sagging ISO 16862
Performance evaluation of coating systems related to the coating process ISO 28199-3 Moisture-resistant scrub ISO 11998
[1] ISO 1518-1 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofscratchresistance-Part 1. Constant- Loadingmethod
[2] ISO 1518-2 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofscratchresistance-Part 2.Variable- Loadingmethod
[3] ISO 1519 Paintsandvarnishes-Bendtest(cylindricalmandrel)
[4] ISO 1524 Paints, varnishesandprintinginks-Determinationoffinenessofgrind [5] ISO 2409 Paintsandvarnishes-Cross-cuttest
[6] ISO 2812-1 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofresistancetoliquids-Part 1. Immer- Siininliquidsotherthanwater
[7] ISO 2812-2 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofresistancetoliquids-Part 2.Water Immersionmethod
[8] ISO 2812-3 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofresistancetoliquids-Part 3.Method Usinganabsorbentmedium
[9] ISO 2812-4 Paints and varnishes-Determination ofresistancetoliquids-Part 4. Spottingmethods
[10] ISO 2812-5 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofresistancetoliquids-Part 5.Tem- Peraturegradientovenmethod
[11] ISO 3668 Paintsandvarnishes-Visualcomparisonofthecolourofpaints
[12] ISO 4624 Paintsandvarnishes-Pul-offtestforadhesion
[13] ISO 4628-2 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 2.Assessmentof Degreeofblistering
[14] ISO 4628-3 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 3.Assessmentof Degreeofrusting
[15] ISO 4628-4 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 4.Assessmentof Degreeofcracking
[16] ISO 4628-5 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 5.Assessmentof Degreeofflaking
[17] ISO 4628-6 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 6.Assessmentof Degreeofchalkingbytapemethod
[18] ISO 4628-7 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 7.Assessmentof Degreeofchalkingbyvelvetmethod
[19] ISO 4628-8 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 8.Assessmentof Degreeofdelaminationandcorrosionaroundascribeorotherartificialdefect
[20] ISO 4628-10 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofdegradationofcoatings-Designationof Quantityandsizeofdefects,andofintensityofuniformchangesinappearance-Part 10.Assessment Ofdegreeoffiliformcorrosion
[21] ISO 6272-1 Paintsandvarnishes-Rapid-deformation(impactresistance)tests-Part 1. Falingweighttest, large-areaindenter
[22] ISO 6272-2 Paintsandvarnishes-Rapid-deformation(impactresistance)tests-Part 2. Falingweighttest, smal-areaindenter
[23] ISO 6860 Paintsandvarnishes-Bendtest(conicalmandrel)
[24] ISO 9117-1 Paintsandvarnishes-Dryingtests-Part 1.Determinationofthrough-dry Stateandthrough-drytime
[25] ISO 9117-2 Paintsandvarnishes-Dryingtests-Part 2.Pressuretestforstackability [26] ISO 9117-3 Paintsandvarnishes-Dryingtests-Part 3. Surface-dryingtestusingbalo- Tini
[27] ISO 9117-4 Paintsandvarnishes-Dryingtests-Part 4. Testusingamechanicalrecorder [28] ISO 9117-5 Paintsandvarnishes-Dryingtests-Part 5. ModifiedBandow-Wolfftest [29] ISO 9117-6 Paintsandvarnishes-Dryingtests-Part 6. Print-freetest
[30] ISO 11998 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofwet-scrubresistanceandcleanability Ofcoatings
[31] ISO 12137 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofmarresistance
[32] ISO 15710 Paintsandvarnishes-Corrosiontestingbyalternateimmersioninandremoval Fromabuferedsodiumchloridesolution
[33] ISO 16862 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofsagresistance
[34] ISO 17132 Paintsandvarnishes-T-bendtest
[35] ISO 20566 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofthescratchresistanceofacoating Systemusingalaboratory-scalecar-wash
[36] ISO 20567-1 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofstone-chipresistanceofcoatings- Part 1. Multi-impacttesting
[37] ISO 20567-2 Paintsandvarnishes-Determinationofstone-chipresistanceofcoatings- Part 2. Single-impacttestwithaguidedimpactbody
[38] ISO 28199-3 Paintsandvarnishes-Evaluationofpropertiesofcoatingsystemsrelatedto theapplicationprocess-Part 3.Visualassessmentofsagging,formationofbubbles,pinholingand Hidingpower

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