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GB/T 3458-2006 English PDF (GBT3458-2006)

GB/T 3458-2006 English PDF (GBT3458-2006)

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GB/T 3458-2006: Tungsten powder

This Standard specifies tungsten powder requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, storage, and contract contents. This Standard is applicable to tungsten powder that is made by hydrogen reducing tungsten oxide.
GB/T 3458-2006
ICS 77.150.99
H 63
Replacing GB/T 3458-1982
Tungsten Powder
ISSUED ON. JULY 18, 2006
Jointly issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision,
Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ);
Standardization Administration (SAC) of the People's
Republic of China.
Table of Contents
1 Scope??...??4
2 Normative References...??4
3 Requirements??...??4
4 Test Methods...??6
5 Inspection Rules??...??6
6 Marking, Packaging, Transportation, and Storage??...??7
7 Contract (or Order) Contents??...??8
This Standard is a revision to GB/T 3458-1982 "Technical Requirements of Tungsten Powders".
Compared with GB/T 3458-1982, the major changes in this Standard are as follows. - Tungsten powder is divided into 14 specifications according to the granularity; - For FW-1, impurity element indexes such as Pb, Bi, Sn, As, Sb or Mn are added; for FW-1 and FWP-1, impurity element index Cu is added; content of some impurity elements of 3 designations was reduced; for FW-1 and FW-2, the oxygen content index is adjusted according to the granularity;
- Requirements for mesh number of FW-1 and FW-2 are deleted;
- Sieve-screening and apparent density of FWP-1 are adjusted.
This Standard was proposed by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of the National Standardization Technical Committee of Non-Ferrous Metal.
This Standard is responsibly drafted by Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Group Co., Ltd. Chief drafting staffs of this Standard. Liu Tiemei, Yang Dongyuan, Li Xianping, Yang Jianguo, He Guoxin and Zhang Jiangfeng.
The National Standardization Technical Committee of Non-ferrous Metal is responsible for the interpretation of this Standard.
The previous editions replaced by this Standard are as follows.
- GB/T 3458-1982, and YB 1570-1978.
Tungsten Powder
1 Scope
This Standard specifies tungsten powder?€?s requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, storage, and contract contents. This Standard is applicable to tungsten powder that is made by hydrogen reducing tungsten oxide.
2 Normative References
The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this Standard, constitute provisions of this Standard. For dated references, the subsequent amendments (excluding corrigendum) or revisions of these publications do not apply. However, parties who enter into agreement according to this Standard are encouraged to investigate whether the latest editions are applicable. For undated references, the latest edition of the standard referred to applies.
GB/T 1480 Determination of Particle Size for Metallic Powders - Dry Sieving GB/T 2596 Tungsten Powder and Tungsten Carbide Powder - Determination of Specific Surface Product (Average Graininess) - Simplified Nitrogen Absorption Method
GB/T 3249 Standard Method for Determination of Particle Size of Powders of Refractory Metals and Compounds - Fisher Method
GB/T 4324 (All Parts) Methods for Chemical Analysis of Tungsten
GB/T 5314 Powders for Powder Metallurgical Purposes - Sampling
3 Requirements
3.1 Product classification
3.1.1 According to chemical composition and purpose, tungsten powder is classified into 3 designations - FW-1, FW-2, and FWP-1. FW-1 is applicable to materials for tungsten carbide powder, large slab or factory lumber; FW-2 is applicable to contact alloys and high-density shielding materials; and FWP-1 is applicable to plasma spraying materials.
3.1.2 According to the particle-size range, tungsten powder is classified into 14 specifications.
6.3 Each batch of products shall be accompanied with quality certificate, and noted with.
a) The name, address and post code of the supplier;
b) Name, designation and specification of the products;
c) Batch No.;
d) Net weight;
e) Serial No. of this Standard;
f) Each item?€?s analysis-inspection results and seal of quality supervision department;
g) Inspector No.;
h) Inspection date.
6.4 During transportation, the products shall be free from humidity and strenuous collision.
6.5 Products shall be stored at dry and ventilated place, without acid and alkali atmosphere. It shall be strictly prevented from oxidation. Storage period of FW-1 and FW-2 should not exceed 6 months; storage period of FWP-1 powder should not exceed 12 months.
7 Contract (or Order) Contents
Contract (or order) shall include the following contents.
a) Product name;
b) Product designation and specification;
c) Technical requirements;
d) Net weight of products;
e) Serial number of this Standard.

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