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GB/T 26992-2011 English PDF (GBT26992-2011)

GB/T 26992-2011 English PDF (GBT26992-2011)

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GB/T 26992-2011: Specification for services on theme park

This Standard specifies the term and definition, basic requirements, theme scenes, service delivery, safety and emergency, complaint handling and satisfaction evaluation for services on theme parks. This Standard applies to services and management of theme parks.
GB/T 26992-2011
ICS 03.200
A 16
Specification for services on theme park
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Term and definition ... 4
4 Basic requirements ... 4
5 Theme scenes ... 5
6 Service delivery ... 6
7 Safety and emergency ... 11
8 Complaint handling and satisfaction evaluation ... 12
Bibliography ... 14
Specification for services on theme park
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the term and definition, basic requirements, theme scenes, service delivery, safety and emergency, complaint handling and
satisfaction evaluation for services on theme parks.
This Standard applies to services and management of theme parks.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
GB/T 16767 Service quality in the amusement park
GB/T 19095 The classification signs for municipal solid waste
3 Term and definition
For the purpose of this document, the following term and definition apply. 3.1
theme park
A tourism, cultural and entertainment place that is creatively combined, planned and constructed around one or several theme elements, creating a specific theme cultural atmosphere, adopting modern science and technology and
multi-level activity setting methods, integrating entertainment activities, leisure elements and service reception facilities.
4 Basic requirements
4.1 It shall carry out project planning and construction and event planning and organization around one or several theme elements, so as to obtain novel design, unique planning, theme cultural atmosphere and tour clues, to make tourists to have new experiences and feelings.
4.2 With the help of various means and activity forms of cultural arts and modern science and technology, tourists can experience one or several specific theme cultural elements of natural resources and human resources, experience the theme cultural connotation, and realize the integration of tourism and culture.
4.3 It shall provide recreational activities with diverse ways of participation, story scenes embodying the theme, performances and events with diverse
forms, personalized merchandise and specialty catering, so that tourists can enjoy the joy, fun and leisure that are different from everyday life.
4.4 It shall provide services that encourage tourists to participate in interactions and experiences, and embody thematic cultural characteristics in the service process.
4.5 The safety management and safety work, service facilities and service quality, health and environment, and service quality assurance and supervision shall meet the requirements of GB/T 16767.
5 Theme scenes
5.1 It shall create landscape atmosphere and ecological environment with thematic cultural characteristics.
5.2 It should have a mascot and a corporate identity logo with independent creativity and self-own intellectual property rights, which shall be able to be widely used.
5.3 The shape, color and material of all kinds of buildings shall be coordinated with the theme cultural characteristics, and shall be regularly maintained to ensure that there is no dirt and no peeling.
5.4 The support infrastructure (including transmission, communication lines, water and gas pipelines, etc.) shall be concealed or beautified.
5.5 Under the premise of ensuring safety, the service facilities such as amusement projects and sightseeing transportation tools shall be subjected to theme cultural characteristics packaging, to create theme special scenes. 5.6 Lighting fixtures, garbage bins, fences at all levels, text and graphic signs, notice boards and billboards, tourist rest facilities, etc. shall have artistic features that are in harmony with the theme culture.
5.7 It shall develop and provide a series of commemorative items associated with the theme culture.
the exit of large-scale amusement projects.
6.3.4 The participation rules, operating methods and related precautions shall be introduced to the tourists by service personnel or by means of film and television broadcast. It shall discourage those who do not meet the
6.3.5 During the operation of the amusement project, special personnel shall be equipped for on-site management, paying attention to the dynamics of tourists. In the event of serious adverse reactions of tourists, it shall stop operating immediately, explain the event and provide assistance.
6.3.6 The service personnel of water amusement projects shall report the weather changes at any time, and guide the tourists to avoid the wind and rain or take other protective measures in case of bad weather.
6.3.7 It should set up an area for tourists to watch and interact with project participants in suitable places around the amusement project.
6.4 Theme culture display service
6.4.1 It shall equip facilities and equipment that guarantee the effect of the exhibition and the protection of the exhibits. The exhibition shall be carried out according to the characteristics of the theme cultural articles. The means of display shall be diversified. The convenience of tourists shall be considered. 6.4.2 It shall provide text description and explanation services with at least Chinese and English. The text shall be accurate and easy to understand, and the sentences shall be beautiful. The quantity of guides shall be enough to meet the needs of the visitor capacity.
6.4.3 It should equip with an electronic voice or video tutorial system. 6.5 Cultural performance service
6.5.1 The performance project shall have the theme cultural connotation and artistry, with various forms, and be civilized and healthy.
6.5.2 It shall set a fixed place for cultural performances, equipped with corresponding performance facilities and audience seats.
6.5.3 At the entrance for audiences of various performance places, it shall have a description of the performance and viewing instructions, and preview the performance time.
6.5.4 There shall be someone to maintain the order and provide relevant services during the performance.
the line.
6.8 Storage and parking service
6.8.1 It shall set up a luggage storage service place near the main entrance, equipped with facilities that meet needs.
6.8.2 The self-service luggage storage place shall have a coin exchange service. The non-self-service luggage storage place shall be staffed; it shall conduct safety inspections and go through storage and drawing procedures according to the specified procedures.
6.8.3 The tourist luggage storage service shall have an eye-catching luggage storage and drawing notice. For those charged, the fee basis and standard shall be publicized.
6.8.4 According to the size of the tour area, reasonably select a site and construct the parking lot (garage).
6.8.5 The parking space shall be level and solid with lighting and firefighting facilities. It should set green parking spaces or green isolation lines. 6.8.6 The entrance and exit of the parking lot (garage) should be set separately, and the parking should be partitioned. They shall be equipped with standard and eye-catching signs.
6.8.7 It shall publicize the public parking regulations and management systems such as safety guard, fire protection. The parking lot (garage) shall be managed by a specially-assigned person.
6.8.8 If the parking service of the parking lot is charged, the charging standard shall be publicized in a conspicuous position.
6.8.9 It should establish an intelligent parking information management system. 6.9 Health and environmental service
6.9.1 The layout of toilets shall meet the actual needs of tourists' tours and activities; it shall have services by specially-assigned person; it should be responsible by men and women separately. For special people such as the disabled and the elderly, the service personnel should take the initiative to introduce special toilets and provide necessary assistance.
6.9.2 It shall reasonably distribute dustbins, which should be classified according to ?€?Recyclables?€? and ?€?Other garbage?€?. The signs shall meet the requirements of GB/T 19095.
7.4 Limited spaces such as performance place shall be kept open, and the number of tourists shall be restricted according to regulations to avoid crowding. 7.5 For animal performances, floats, etc., it shall take targeted and effective security measures.
7.6 It shall equip with an electronic video surveillance system to achieve full coverage of security monitoring.
7.7 It shall develop emergency assistance plans for various possible
emergencies and accidents such as large-scale blackouts, equipment failures, accidental casualties and excessive tourists in peak period.
7.8 It shall develop response procedures and disposal methods for various emergencies and accidents, and identify responsible departments and
responsible persons.
7.9 It shall equip with personnel, place and facilities required for the implementation of the plan, and regularly organize staff training, drills or reviews. 7.10 In case of emergency or accident, it shall respond promptly, start the plan, record accurately and completely, and review and improve the effectiveness of the plan.
7.11 It shall set up an infirmary with medical equipment such as first aid kits and emergency stretchers.
8 Complaint handling and satisfaction evaluation
8.1 Complaint handling
8.1.1 A system for accepting and handling tourist complaints shall be
established, and specialized agencies shall be set up and equipped with relevant personnel.
8.1.2 The information such as tourist complaint phone number, online complaint address, complaint handling procedures and time limits shall be publicly announced. The information published shall be accurate and valid.
8.1.3 The complaint information of tourists shall be processed and kept in a timely manner, and recorded completely and in detailed. A return visit system shall be established.
8.2 Satisfaction evaluation
8.2.1 It shall establish a tourist consultation and satisfaction evaluation system,

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