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GB/T 26913-2011 English PDF (GBT26913-2011)

GB/T 26913-2011 English PDF (GBT26913-2011)

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GB/T 26913-2011: Bamboo charcoal

This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification and mark, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, logo, label and package of bamboo charcoal. This Standard shall be applicable to bamboo charcoal made of bamboo through the pyrolysis method.
GB/T 26913-2011
ICS 65.020
B 73
Bamboo charcoal
Issued by.
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the PEOPLE Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the PEOPLE Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Terms and definitions ... 4
4 Classification and mark ... 5
5 Technical requirements ... 6
6 Test Methods ... 7
7 Inspection rules ... 12
8 Logo, Label, Package and Storage ... 13
Annex A ... 15
Annex A of this standard is informative.
This Standard was proposed by China's State Forestry Administration (SFA). This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on (SAC/TC 263) Bamboo and Rattan of Standardization Administration of China.
The participating drafting organizations of this standard. National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Green Products, Zhejiang Forestry College, International Centre For Bamboo and Rattan, Quzhou Minxin Charcoal Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Jianzhong Bamboo Charcoal Co., Ltd, Suichang Biyan Bamboo Charcoal Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Maitanwong Ecology Development Co., Ltd, Quzhou Modern Charcoal Industry Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Fulaisen Carbon Material Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Jiejiegao Charcoal Co., Ltd, Deqing Jiayi Charcoal Industry Co., Ltd, Ningbo Zheshang Bamboo Charcoal Co., Ltd, and Zhejiang Green Valley Charcoal Co., Ltd.
The chief drafting staffs of this standard. Zhao Shukai, Zhang Wenbiao, Li Congfen, Li Jie, Liu Xin, Liu Liang, Zhang Dongsheng, Liu Xinxing, Yan Hua, Bao Ligen, Ding Jianzhong, Tu Zhilong, Fang Yunjian, Wu Quansheng, Wang Zhengyu, Ye Xinjun, Yu Genming, You Yazhen, and Lei Xiaojun.
Bamboo charcoal
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification and mark, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, logo, label and package of bamboo charcoal.
This Standard shall be applicable to bamboo charcoal made of bamboo through the pyrolysis method.
2 Normative??references
The articles contained in the following documents have become part of this Standard when they are quoted herein. For the dated documents so quoted, all the modifications (excluding corrections) or revisions made thereafter shall not be applicable to this Standard. For the undated documents so quoted, the latest editions shall be applicable to this Standard.
JJF 1070 Rules of Metrological Testing for Net Quantity of Products in Prepackages with Fixed Content
Order No. 75 (2005) General Administration of Quality Supervision Provisions of the Metrological Supervision and Administration of Quantitatively Packed Commodities 3 Terms??and??definitions
For the purpose of this standard, the following terms and definitions shall apply. 3.1
Bamboo charcoal
Under the conditions of high temperature and limited oxygen (or isolated oxygen), the bamboo is heated through pyrolysis, so as to obtain the black solid.
Tube charcoal
The tubular bamboo charcoal.
groove depth. 4mm. High temperature electric furnace. With temperature control device which can maintain at (850??20)??C. Crucible holder. Made of nichrome wire. Crucible?€?s size does not exceed the limit of constant temperature region in the high temperature furnace. And MAKE the bottom of the crucible on the shelf of the crucible to be 10mm - 15mm from the bottom of the furnace. Analytical balance. Sensitive of 0.1mg. Stopwatch or time clock. Dryer. with desiccant (Not-deliquescent bulk-shape calcium chloride or silica gel) in it.
6.5.3 Operating methods
WEIGH 1g (accurate to 0.1mg) of test sample that has been crushed and gone through 0.315mm (55-mesh) sieve. PLACE in the porcelain crucible that has been burned to constant weight at (850??20)??C. COVER the crucible. Gently SHAKE to make the test sample spread out. PLACE it on the crucible shelf. Then, quickly PLACE it into the high temperature electric furnace that has been pre-heated to 850??C. The crucible locates above or below the measurement point of the thermocouple. CONTINUE to heat it for 7min. The temperature of furnace drops at the beginning, but shall be restored to (850??20)??C within 3min. If there are obvious sparks, it shall be redone. Finally, TAKE the crucible out and PLACE it on the porcelain plate. COOL it in the air for 5min. PLACE it in a dryer and COOL it to the room temperature. And WEIGH it. 6.5.4 Result calculation
Determination results of the ash content of bamboo charcoal are calculated according to formula (3).
V ?€? Volatile matter content of test samples %;
m1 ?€? Mass of test samples, in unit of gram (g);
m2 ?€? Mass of test samples after heating, in unit of gram (g).
7.2.1 Ex-factory inspection
Ex-factory inspection shall be conducted for each batch of products. Ex-factory inspection shall be performed by the quality inspection department of the manufacturer or entrusted to third-party inspection agency. Inspection items are the sense, net content deviation, and moisture.
7.2.2 Type inspection
Inspection items of type inspection include all items required in this Standard. Type inspection shall be conducted, when there is one of the following conditions. a) When the product production is resumed after a long-term shutdown;
b) Change of material or key production process which may affect product quality; c) When national quality and supervision agency puts forward the request of type inspection;
d) The Ex-factory inspection is quite different from the last type inspection; e) During normal production, periodic inspection shall be conducted at least once a year.
7.3 Decision rules
If one inspection result does not comply with the requirements defined in this Standard, re-inspection shall be performed with double sampling. If the re-inspection result is still unqualified, this batch of products shall be decided as unqualified.
8 Logo,??Label,??Package??and??Storage
8.1 Logo and label
Product logo shall include at least the following contents. product name and brand, type specification, net content, executive standard, production date, quality level, manufacturer name, production place, and factory address etc.
8.2 Package and storage
Product package shall be firm, clean and moisture-proof. Package material, type specification and net weight of the same batch shall be consistent. Stipulations in the contract otherwise shall prevail. Products shall be stored in shady, airy and dry warehouse, away from fire source and prevented from exposing to the sun and rain. For safety consideration, newly-burned bamboo charcoal shall be processed and packaged after spreading-out for 3 days.
According to different applications, bamboo charcoal can be divided into bamboo charcoal for daily use; bamboo charcoal for architectural ornament; bamboo charcoal for environmental protection; bamboo charcoal for agriculture, forestry and gardening; and bamboo charcoal for other applications, etc. Specific classification method is shown in Table A.1.
Table A.1 Bamboo charcoal classification according to its application
Application Classification
Daily use
Bamboo charcoal for health care
Bamboo charcoal for daily chemical cleaning
Bamboo charcoal for refreshment
Bamboo charcoal for shielding
Bamboo charcoal for fuels
Architectural ornament
Bamboo charcoal for humidifying
Bamboo charcoal for handicraft
Bamboo charcoal for building materials
Environmental protection
Bamboo charcoal for sewage treatment
Bamboo charcoal for drinking water purification
Bamboo charcoal for air purification
Agriculture, forestry and gardening
Bamboo charcoal for feed additives
Bamboo charcoal for soil improvement
Bamboo charcoal for flowering plant
Other applications Active carbon materials Other applications

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