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GB/T 21358-2008 English PDF (GBT21358-2008)

GB/T 21358-2008 English PDF (GBT21358-2008)

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GB/T 21358-2008: Specifications for aviation jet fuel filter/separators

GB/T 21358-2008
ICS 23.100.60
J 77
Specifications for aviation jet fuel filter/separators
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC;
Standardization Administration of the PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4
1 Scope ... 5
2 Normative references ... 5
3 Terms and definitions ... 6
4 Classification ... 7
5 Technical requirements ... 7
5.1 Working performance ... 7
5.2 Mechanical properties ... 9
6 Test methods ... 16
6.1 Performance test ... 16
6.2 Hydrostatic test... 16
6.3 Hydrophobicity performance test ... 16
6.4 Compatibility test ... 16
6.5 Similarity review ... 17
7 Quality evaluation procedures ... 17
7.1 Inspection type ... 17
7.2 Inspection items ... 19
8 Marking, packing, transport, storage ... 20
8.1 Marking ... 20
8.2 Packing ... 20
8.3 Accompanying documents ... 20
8.4 Transport ... 21
8.5 Storage ... 21
Appendix A (Informative) Comparison of the chapter-clause number of this Standard and the chapter-clause number of API/IP 1581.2002 ... 22
Appendix B (Informative) Technical differences between this Standard and API/IP 1581.2002 and their causes ... 25
Appendix C (Normative) Performance test method for jet fuel filter/separators ... 28
Appendix D (Normative) Solid particle filling method ... 51
Appendix E (Normative) Method for determining fiber content ... 52
Appendix F (Normative) Table for recording test results ... 53
Appendix G (Normative) Test result report ... 63
This Standard modifies and adopts API/IP 1581.2002 “Specifications and
qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators” (English version). This Standard, according to API/IP 1581.2002, is redrafted. For comparison purposes, a table for comparison of the clauses of this Standard and the clauses of API/IP 1581.2002 is listed in informative Appendix A.
Due to the legal requirements of China and the special needs of industry, this Standard, when adopting API/IP 1581.2002, makes some modifications. A table of detailed technical differences and their causes is given in Appendix B for reference.
For ease of use, the following editorial changes have been made to this Standard.
- The word “this Specifications” is changed to “this Standard”;
- REPLACE the comma “,” as a decimal point with the decimal point “.”;
- DELETE the foreword of API/IP 1581.2002 standard.
Appendix A and Appendix B of this Standard are informative appendixes. The Appendix C, Appendix D, Appendix E, Appendix F, and Appendix G are
normative appendixes.
This Standard was proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on Separation Machinery of Standardization Administration of China.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited, Beijing Chengtian Beida Filtration Technology Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Standard. Zhang Hu, Liang Lijie, Zhao Zhong, Bai Jing, Li Ming, Hou Hairui, Deng Binghua.
This Standard is issued for the first time.
Specifications for aviation jet fuel filter/separators
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, technical requirements, inspection methods, quality evaluation procedures, marking, packing, transport, storage, and performance test methods for aviation jet fuel filter/separators.
This Standard applies to aviation jet fuel filter/separators with a flow rate of not more than 6000 L/min.
2 Normative references
The clauses in the following documents, by reference in this Standard,
constitute the clauses of this Standard. For the dated references, the
subsequent amendments (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this Standard. However, parties which have reached an agreement according to this Standard are encouraged to study whether the latest version of these documents can be used. For the undated references, the latest version is applicable to this Standard.
GB 150 Steel pressure vessels
GB/T 1793 Standard test method for water reaction of aviation fuels
GB/T 2828.1 Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes - Part 1.
Sampling schemes indexed by acceptance quality limit (AQL) for lot-by-lot inspection (GB/T 2828.1-2003, ISO 2859-1.1999, IDT)
GB/T 3555 Petroleum products - Determination of Saybolt color - Saybolt chromometer method
GB 6537 No.3 jet fuel
GB/T 6539 Standard test methods for electrical conductivity of aviation and distillate fuels
GB/T 8019 Motor gasoline and aviation fuels - Determination of existent gum - Jet evaporation method (GB/T 8019-1987, neq ISO 6246.1981)
GB/T 13306 Plates
GB/T 21357-2008 Specification for similarity jet fuel filter/separators JB/T 4711 Coating and packing for pressure vessels transport
SH/T 0766 Antiwear additive for jet fuels T1602
ISO 12103-1 Road vehicles - Test contaminants for filter evaluation - Part 1. Arizona test dust
ASTM D 1655 Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels
ASTM D 2276 Test Method for Particulate Contaminant in Aviation Fuel by Line Sampling
ASTM D 2624 Test Methods for Electrical Conductivity of Aviation and
Distillate Fuels
ASTM D 3240 Test Method for Undissolved Water in Aviation Turbine Fuels ASTM D 3948 Test Method for Determining Water Separation Characteristics of Aviation Turbine Fuels by Portable Separometer
ASTM D 4171 Standard Specification for Fuel System Icing Inhibitors
MIL-PRF-25017 Inhibitor, corrosion/lubricity improver, fuel soluble
3 Terms and definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this Standard.
3.1 Filter/separator
A vessel containing filter/coalescer and separator elements which can
continuously remove dirt and water from aviation jet fuel.
Note 1. A filter/separator can have either a vertical or a horizontal configuration. Note 2. A filter/separator can be two or multiple stages. A two-stage system consists of filter/coalescer and separator elements contained within a vessel. The fuel flows through the filter/coalescer element(s) into the vessel and then flows through the separator element(s) to exit the vessel. A multi-stage system, based on the two- stage system, adds one or more additional stages. Additional stages may include devices (or adsorption stage) installed within separator element capable of shutting off fuel flow if the water content exceeds the specified value. Additional stages may also include prefilter devices installed within coalescer element capable of removing particulate contaminant.

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