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GB/T 20799-2014 English PDF (GBT20799-2014)

GB/T 20799-2014 English PDF (GBT20799-2014)

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GB/T 20799-2014: Fresh and frozen meat transport condition

This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, transportation tools, packaging, label, transport control, handling, management, documents and records related to the fresh and frozen meat.
GB/T 20799-2014
ICS 67.120.10
X 08
Fresh and frozen meat transport condition
ISSUED ON. JULY 08, 2014
Issued by.
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the PEOPLE Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the PEOPLE Republic of
Table of Contents
1. Scope ... 4
2. Normative references ... 4
3. Terms and definitions ... 4
4. Transportation tools ... 5
5. Packaging and labeling ... 5
6. Transportation control ... 6
7. Handling requirements ... 7
8. Management requirements ... 8
9. Requirements of documents and records ... 9
Bibliography ... 10
This Standard was drafted according to the rules given by GB/T 1.1-2009. This Standard is the revision to GB/T 20799-2006 ?€?Fresh and Frozen Meat Transport Conditions?€?. Compared with GB/T 20799-2006, the main changes are as follows. - Add and adjust the references;
- Delete and adjust the terms and definitions;
- Specify and add the requirements to the transport tools;
- Specify and add the packaging requirements;
- Specify, add and refine the control of transport process and temperature requirements;
- Specify, add and refine the handling requirements;
- Add the management requirements;
- Add the requirements of documents and records;
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Commerce of the PEOPLE Republic of China.
Drafting organizations of this Standard. Circulation Industry Promotion Center of Ministry of Commerce, and Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Co., Ltd.
Main drafters of this Standard. Zhang Lifeng, Meng Fanyang, Gong Haiyan, Li Huan, Fang Fang, and Zhang Jingmao.
Previous versions replaced by this Standard is as follows.
- GB/T 20799-2006.
Fresh and frozen meat transport conditions
1. Scope
This Standard specifies the terms and definitions, transportation tools, packaging, label, transport control, handling, management, documents and records related to the fresh and frozen meat.
This Standard is applicable to the transport management of fresh and frozen meat. 2. Normative references
The articles contained in the following documents have become part of this document when they are quoted herein. For the dated documents so quoted, all the modifications (including all corrections) or revisions made thereafter shall be applicable to this document.
GB/T 191 Packaging - Pictorial marking for handling of goods
GB/T 5600 General technical specification for railway freight car
GB/T 6388 Transport package shipping mark
GB/T 7392 Series 1 thermal containers - Specification and testing
GB/T 15233 Packaging - Unit load size
GB/T 16470 Palletized unit loads
GB/T 16471 Dimensional and weight constraints for transport package
GB/T 19480 Terms of meat and meat products
QC/T 449 Technical conditions and test methods of insulated and refrigerated vehicles
3. Terms and definitions
Those defined in GB/T 19480, and following terms and definitions are applicable to this document.
of transportation tool to ensure that there is no dirt in the cabinet and it shall be clean, free of odor and mildew; if necessary, use the pad or isolation plate.
7.4 Before shipment, reduce the temperature in the transportation tool to the required range. Check the temperature of loaded meat and keep the records.
7.5 Before shipment, implement filtering and grouping on the meat with different purposes; handle the goods according to the order of ?€?unloading first and then loading, loading first and then unloading); mark and group the products with various purposes clearly. 7.6 When using the food plastic box to pack the meat, the ventilation space between the boxes and between box and box wall shall be 15 cm at least; the stacking bottom shall not use the grid-type box, otherwise take the isolation measures between the box plates. 7.7 Reserve the ventilation space to be not less than 10 cm between the top layers of meat and top of box; reserve the distance of 10 cm between the meat and rear door; if necessary, take other measures to prevent the goods moving and keep the cooling air circulating in cabinet.
7.8 The fresh and frozen piece of meat shall use the trail hanging way; the distance between the carcasses shall not be less than 3cm.
7.9 During the handling process, don not contact with the ground, throw and trample with foot; ensure the complete package to prevent the damage and deformation of package. 8. Management requirements
8.1 The transportation shall use the special vehicle; prohibit from transporting together with any dangerous goods and items with odor; do not mix and split the non-meat products. After completion of transportation, clean, disinfect and dry the cabinet of transportation equipment; after reaching the relevant food health requirements, implement the new transportation operation.
8.2 During the delivery, handling and storage of product, control the operation ambient temperature and time of strictly.
8.3 All used equipment and tools, packaging vessels shall maintain health; before use that, clean and disinfect them; prohibit from using the equipment and tools without cleaning and disinfecting.
8.4 The staffs who contact with the meat product shall have the effective heath certificate. 8.5 The site for handling the meat (including the transit station or distribution destination, etc.) shall have the enough space to meet the needs of quality protection of meat; there shall not have the harmful gas, dust, radioactive substances and other diffuse pollution sources around; there shall have the effective facilities to prevent the inspects, mouse, dust and so on.
[1] GB/T 18354-2006 Logistics Terminology

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