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GB/T 17213.4-2015 English PDF (GBT17213.4-2015)

GB/T 17213.4-2015 English PDF (GBT17213.4-2015)

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GB/T 17213.4-2015: Industrial-process control valves -- Part 4: Inspection and routine testing

GB/T 17213.4-2015
ICS 23.060.40; 25.040.40
N 16
GB/T 17213.4-2015 / IEC 60534-4.2006
Replacing GB/T 17213.4-2005
Industrial-process control valves -
Part 4. Inspection and routine testing
(IEC 60534-4.2006, IDT)
Issued by. General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China;
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 6
2 Normative references ... 6
3 Terms and definitions ... 6
4 Requirements ... 9
5 Tests procedures ... 11
Annex A (Informative) Example calculations of seat leakage ... 20
Annex B (Informative) Inspection and routine testing checklist ... 25
GB/T 17213 consists of the following parts, under the general title Industrial-process control valves.
- Part 1. Control valve terminology and general considerations (GB/T 17213.1); - Part 2-1. Flow capacity - Sizing equations for fluid flow under installed conditions (GB/T 17213.2);
- Part 2-3. Flow capacity - Test procedures (GB/T 17213.9);
- Part 2-4. Flow capacity - Section Four. Inherent flow characteristics and rangeability (GB/T 17213.10);
- Part 2-5. Flow capacity - Sizing equations for fluid flow through multistage control valves with interstage recovery (GB/T 17213.17);
- Part 3-1. Dimensions - Face-to-face dimensions for flanged, two-way, globe-type, straight pattern and centre-to-face dimensions for flanged, two-way, globe-type, angle pattern control valves (GB/T 17213.3);
- Part 3-2. Dimensions - Face-to-face dimensions for rotary control valves except butterfly valves (GB/T 17213.11);
- Part 3-3. Dimensions - End-to-end dimensions for buttweld, two-way, globe-type, straight pattern control valves (GB/T 17213.12);
- Part 4. Inspection and routine testing (GB/T 17213.4);
- Part 5. Marking (GB/T 17213.5);
- Part 6-1. Mounting details for attachment of positioners to control valves - Section 1. Positioner mounting on linear actuators (GB/T 17213.6);
- Part 6-2. Mounting details for attachment of positioners to control valves - Positioner mounting on rotary actuators (GB/T 17213.13);
- Part 7. Control valve data sheet (GB/T 17213.7);
- Part 8-1. Noise considerations - Laboratory measurement of noise generated by aerodynamic flow through control valves (GB/T 17213.8);
- Part 8-2. Noise considerations - Laboratory measurement of noise generated by hydrodynamic flow through control valves (GB/T 17213.14);
- Part 8-3. Noise considerations - Control valve aerodynamic noise prediction values of dead band (see Table 4 of this Standard, Table 4 of GB/T 17213.4- 2005);
- ADD “flow capacity” in additional tests (see 4.6 of this Standard, Clause 9 of GB/T 17213.4-2005).
This Part uses translation method to identically adopt IEC 60534-4.2006 “Industrial- process control valves - Part 4. Inspection and routine testing”.
Corresponding Chinese documents of the international document in the normative reference of this Standard are as follows.
- GB/T 17213 (all parts) Industrial-process control valves [IEC 60534 (all parts)] - GB/T 18271 (all parts) Process measurement and control devices - General methods and procedures for evaluating performance [IEC 61298 (all parts)] This Part was proposed by China Machinery Industry Federation.
This Part shall be under the jurisdiction of National Technical Committee on Industrial Process Measurement, Control and Automation (SAC/TC 124).
Responsible drafting organization of this Part. Shanghai Institute of Process Automation Instrumentation.
Participating drafting organizations of this Part (in alphabetical order). Emerson Process Management (Tianjin) Valve Co., Ltd., Chongqing Chuanyi Control Valve Co., Ltd., Chongqing Shizhuang Instrumentation Co., Ltd., Nanyang Nanfa Valve Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Lianggong Valve Co., Ltd., Shanghai Floauto Control Valve Co., Ltd., No. 7 Factory of Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jingtong Control Instrumentation Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Smart Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Aoxiang Auto-control Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Pari World Automation Meter Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Sanfang Control Valve Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yongsheng Meter Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhongde Automatic Control Valve Co,. Ltd.
Main drafters of this Part. Wang Jiong, Li Minghua, Liao Jianmin, Shen Wei, Shen Jianbiao, Zhang Shishu, Zhang Dexian, Fan Ping, Cai Jiachao, Yang Jianwen, Lin Feng, Wang Hanke, Zuo Bing, Gao Qiang, Zhang Yongliang, Ba Rongming, Li Zhanqi, He Wenguang, Ma Yushan, Xu Chunliang, Chen Yan, Meng Shaoxin, Chen Dajun, Cai Kejian, Jiang Tangjin, Li Jun and Cai Dongwu.
This Part was first issued on September 2005, this is the first revision. Industrial-process control valves –
Part 4. Inspection and routine testing
1 Scope
This Part of GB 17213 specifies the requirements for the inspection and routine testing of control valves manufactured in conformity with the other parts of GB 17213. This Part is applicable to valves with pressure ratings not exceeding PN 420 (Class 2500). The requirements for actuators apply only to pneumatic actuators. This Part does not apply to the types of control valves where radioactive service, fire safety testing, or other hazardous service conditions are encountered. If a standard for hazardous service conflicts with the requirements of this Part, the standard for hazardous service should take precedence.
NOTE. This Standard can be extended to higher pressure ratings by agreement between purchaser and manufacturer.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. IEC 60534 (all parts) Industrial-process control valves
IEC 61298 (all parts) Process measurement and control devices - General methods and procedures for evaluating performance
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following definitions, as well as those given in IEC 60534-1 and other parts of IEC 60534, apply.
bench range
Range of pressures to the actuator within which the nominal travel is performed in both

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