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GB/T 12113-2003 English PDF (GBT12113-2003)

GB/T 12113-2003 English PDF (GBT12113-2003)

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GB/T 12113-2003: Methods of measurement of touch current and protective conductor current

GB/T 12113-2003
ICS 17.220
K 04
GB/T 12113-2003 / IEC 60990:1999
Replacing GB/T 12113-1996
Methods of measurement of touch current and
protective conductor current
(IEC 60990:1999, IDT)
Issued by: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 4
IEC Foreword ... 6
Introduction ... 8
1 Scope ... 11
2 Normative references ... 12
3 Definitions ... 13
4 Test site ... 13
4.1 Test site environment ... 13
4.2 Test transformer ... 14
4.3 Earthed neutral conductor ... 14
5 Measuring equipment ... 15
5.1 Selection of measuring network ... 15
5.1.1 Perception and reaction (a.c.) ... 17
5.1.2 Let-go (a.c.) ... 17
5.1.3 Electric burn (a.c.) ... 17
5.1.4 Ripple-free d.c... 17
5.2 Test electrodes ... 18
5.2.1 Construction ... 18
5.2.2 Connection ... 18
5.3 Configuration ... 18
5.4 Power connections during test ... 18
5.4.1 General ... 18
5.4.2 Equipment for use only on TN or TT star power distribution systems ... 23 5.4.3 Equipment for use on IT power distribution systems including unearthed delta systems ... 23
5.4.4 Equipment for use on single-phase centre-earthed power supply systems or on centre-earthed delta power supply systems ... 23
5.5 Supply voltage and frequency ... 24
5.5.1 Supply voltage ... 24
5.5.2 Supply frequency ... 24
6 Test procedure ... 24
6.1 General ... 24
6.1.1 Control switches, equipment and supply conditions ... 25
6.1.2 Use of measuring networks ... 25
6.2 Normal and fault conditions of equipment ... 26
6.2.1 Normal operation of equipment ... 26
6.2.2 Equipment and supply fault conditions ... 26
7 Evaluation of results ... 28
7.1 Perception, reaction and let-go ... 28
7.2 Electric burn ... 28
8 Measurement of protective conductor current ... 29
8.1 General ... 29
8.2 Multiple equipment ... 29
8.3 Measuring method ... 29
Annex A (Normative) Equipment ... 30
Annex B (Normative) Use of a conductive plane ... 31
Annex C (Normative) Incidentally connected parts ... 32
Annex D (Informative) Choice of current limits ... 33
Annex E (Informative) Networks for use in measurement of touch current ... 37 Annex F (Informative) Measuring network limitations and construction ... 39 Annex G (Informative) Construction and application of touch current measuring instruments ... 41
Annex H (Informative) Grippable part ... 46
Annex J (Informative) AC power distribution systems ... 49
Annex K (Informative) Routine and periodic touch current tests, and tests after repair or modification of mains operated equipment ... 56
Annex L (Normative) Performance and calibration ... 57
Annex M (Informative) Bibliography ... 62
This Standard is identical to the second edition (English edition) of IEC 60990:1999 "Methods of measurement of touch current and protective
conductor current".
This Standard is a revision of GB/T 12113-1996 "Methods of measurement of touch-current and protective conductor current" (identical to IEC 60990:1990). The revised "Methods of measurement of touch current and protective
conductor current" has further explained the measurement of touch current and the calibration of measuring instruments and networks. For example, in order to accommodate some test situations, provision of an earthing alternative for testing; provision of a more detailed description of the design and calibration of the measurement network. This allows deletion of component tolerances from the network diagrams; provides the measurement network, instrument
performance and initial calibration, and calibration methods and criteria in the confirmation system.
This Standard is a recommended standard developed in order to coordinate the various equipment committees in formulating or revising the "leakage current" measurement method, which includes the reason and purpose for the
development of this Standard and the basis for different measurement methods. Therefore, using IEC 60990 identically has certain guiding significance for implementing the safety standards of various equipment and formulating
corresponding leakage current measurement methods. In order to promote
international trade and communication, participate in international product safety certification, and coordinate with international standards, this Standard is identical to IEC 60990:1999.
This Standard, from the date of implementation, shall replace and repeal GB/T 12113-1996.
Annexes A, B, C, and L of this Standard are normative annexes.
Annexes D, E, F, G, H, J, K, and M of this Standard are informative annexes. This Standard was proposed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC.
This Standard shall be under the jurisdiction of China Electronics
Standardization Institute (CESI).
Drafting organization of this Standard: China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI).
Methods of measurement of touch current and
protective conductor current
1 Scope
This Standard defines measurement methods for
- d.c. or a.c. of sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal waveform, which could flow through the human body, and
- current flowing through a protective conductor.
The measuring methods recommended for TOUCH CURRENT are based upon
the possible effects of current flowing through a human body. In this Standard, measurements of current through networks representing the impedance of the human body are referred to as measurements of TOUCH CURRENT. These
networks are not necessarily valid for the bodies of animals.
The specification or implication of specific limit values is not within the scope of this Standard. IEC 60479-1 provides information regarding the effects of current passing through the human body from which limit values may be derived.
This Standard is applicable to all classes of EQUIPMENT, according to IEC 60536.
The methods of measurement in this Standard are not intended to be used for - TOUCH CURRENTS having less than 1 s duration,
- patient currents as defined in GB 9706.1,
- a.c. at frequencies below 15 Hz,
- a.c. in combination with d.c. The use of a single network for a composite indication of the effects of combined a.c. and d.c. has not been investigated, - currents above those chosen for ELECTRIC BURN limits.
This basic safety publication is primarily intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards in accordance with the principles laid down in IEC Guide 104 and ISO/IEC Guide 51. It is not intended for use by manufacturers or certification bodies.

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