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GB 50949-2013 English PDF (GB50949-2013)

GB 50949-2013 English PDF (GB50949-2013)

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GB 50949-2013: Construction code for sound reinforcement system

In order to regulate the construction of sound reinforcement system engineering and ensure the construction quality of sound reinforcement system engineering, this code is hereby formulated..
GB 50949-2013
P GB 50949-2013
Construction code for sound reinforcement system
Issued by. Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of PRC;
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 5
1 General provisions ... 7
2 Terms ... 7
3 System construction ... 8
3.1 General requirements ... 8
3.2 Preparing for construction ... 9
3.3 Mounting of junction box and connecting box ... 10
3.4 Cable laying ... 11
3.5 Cable terminal connection ... 13
3.6 Loudspeaker mounting ... 13
3.7 Device installation ... 16
3.8 System connection ... 18
4 Initiation and adjustments for system ... 19
4.1 General requirement ... 19
4.2 System initiation ... 19
4.3 System adjustment ... 22
5 System-checking and trial operation for system ... 23
5.1 System checking ... 23
5.2 Trial operation ... 23
6 Fitting of engineering documents ... 23
Appendix A Engineering change approval ... 25
Table B Arrival of material and device inspection declaration ... 26
Appendix C Concealed works acceptance receipt ... 27
Appendix D System installation acceptance receipt ... 28
Appendix E Trial operation record of system ... 29
Explanation of wording in this code ... 30
List of quoted standards ... 31
This standard is jointly compiled by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Industry Standardization Institute Electronic Engineering Standard Quota Office, China Electronics Technology Corporation Third
Institute and other relevant units in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of PRC on the Notice of Issuing and Publishing 2008 Engineering Construction Standard and Code
Establishment and Revision Plan (batch II) (JB [2008] No.105).
In the compilation process of this code, the compilation group makes extensive investigation and study, conscientiously sums up practical experience, refers to relevant domestic and international standards, extensively draws the views of relevant national units and experts, extensively solicits opinions, makes repeated revisions, and finalizes it after review.
This code is divided into 6 clauses and 5 appendixes. The main contents include. General provisions, Terms, System construction, Initiation and adjustments for system, Self-checking and trial operation for system, Fitting of engineering documents.
The provisions of this code marked in bold are mandatory provisions, which must be strictly implemented.
As for this code, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is responsible the management and interpretation of mandatory provisions, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for daily management, the China Electronics Technology Corporation Third Institute is responsible for the interpretation of specific technical contents. If any changes or additions are found during the implementation of this code, please send comments and relevant materials to the National Standards Management Team of ?€?Construction code for sound reinforcement system?€? of the 3rd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation (Address. No.7,
Jiuxianqiao B North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Zip Code 100015; Email., for future reference in case of amendment. The main drafting unit, the participating drafting unit, the main drafters and the main reviewer of this code.
The main drafting organizations. Ministry of Industry and Information
Technology Electronics Industry
Standardization Institute Electrical
Engineering Standard Quota Station
Construction code for sound reinforcement system
1 General provisions
1.0.1 In order to regulate the construction of sound reinforcement system engineering and ensure the construction quality of sound reinforcement system engineering, this code is hereby formulated.
1.0.2 This standard applies to the construction of the fixed installation sound reinforcement system of such buildings as all kinds of newly built, extended, and reconstructed halls, stadiums and so on.
1.0.3 The sound reinforcement system engineering construction shall be in accordance with the work drawing design documents as approved.
1.0.4 The construction of sound reinforcement system engineering shall, in addition to this code, also comply with the current relevant national standards. 2 Terms
2.0.1 Sound reinforcement system
The system converting the sound signal into electrical signal, then converting it back into the sound environment system as served by the sound signal through amplification, processing, and transmission, including device and sound field. 2.0.2 Sound control room
The technology room used to operate and control the sound reinforcement system devices, which is shortly referred to as the sound control room. 2.0.3 Power amplifier room
The technology room to accommodate the power amplifier of the sound
reinforcement system.
2.0.4 Grounding
A dedicated grounding wire system to prevent interference from external electromagnetic fields.
2.0.5 Reference materials of programme source
3.2 Preparing for construction
3.2.1 Construction site shall meet the following requirements.
1 The obstacles at the work site are removed, the environment shall be clean; 2 The reserved openings, the laid pipelines, cable trenches, and embedded parts shall comply with the design requirements;
3 The installation position, reservation conditions, and load, etc., of the speaker system shall comply with the design requirements;
4 The construction site power supply shall comply with the relevant
provisions of the current national standard ?€?Safety code of power supply and consumption for installation construction engineering?€? GB 50194.
3.2.2 Construction preparation shall include the following requirements. 1 Work drawings, construction program and related construction materials shall be complete;
2 It shall make technical disclosure and safety education for the construction workers;
3 It shall develop engineering construction safeguard measures;
4 Construction device, machinery and tools, etc., shall be all available, AND delivered to the designated areas at the construction site for centralized storage.
3.2.3 The device and materials mobilized into site shall be inspected in accordance with the following requirements.
1 It shall make counting and classification in accordance with the device and material list of the engineering contract;
2 The unpacking inspection shall neither damage device nor materials.
3 Device name, model, specification, quantity, origin, etc., shall meet the design requirements, the appearance shall be intact;
4 The product certification, instruction manual, accessories and related technical information shall be complete;
5 It shall make power on inspection for the device which requires power on inspection, AND make phase inspection for the speaker system.
3.3.2 The installation of all kinds of junction box shall be installed flatly and firmly, the cover plate is opened and closed flexibly, the shape and surface shall be intact.
3.3.3 The connection between the junction box and embedded pipe opening shall be made by the use of pipe protective opening and metal lock, it is not allowed for welding.
3.4 Cable laying
3.4.1 The wiring in conduit shall comply with the following requirements. 1 The diameter size of the conduit for cable laying shall comply with the design requirements;
2 It shall check whether the pipeline is smooth before wiring, whether the pull line or tie line is placed in ...

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