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GB 50204-2015 English PDF (GB50204-2015)

GB 50204-2015 English PDF (GB50204-2015)

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GB 50204-2015: Code for quality acceptance of concrete structure construction

This code is developed in order to strengthen the construction engineering quality management, unify acceptance of concrete structure engineering construction quality and guarantee project construction quality.
GB 50204-2015
P GB 50204-2015
Code for Quality Acceptance of Concrete
Structure Construction
Jointly issued by. Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development;
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection
and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China.
Table of Contents
1 General Provisions??...??8
2 Terms??...??8
3 Basic Requirements??...??9
4 Formwork Subitem Project??...??10
4.1 General Requirements??...??10
4.2 Formwork Installation??...??10
5 Steel Bar Subitem Project??...??14
5.1 General Requirement??...??14
5.2 Materials...??14
5.3 Steel Bar Processing??...??15
5.4 Steel Bar Connection??...??17
5.5 Steel Bar Installation??...??20
6 Prestressed Subitem Project??...??21
6.1 General Requirements??...??21
6.2 Materials...??22
6.3 Fabrication and Installation??...??24
6.4 Tensioning and Extending??...??25
6.5 Grouting and Anchor Sealing??...??26
7 Concrete Subitem Project??...??27
7.1 General Requirements??...??27
7.2 Raw Materials??...??28
7.3 Concrete Mixtures??...??29
7.4 Concrete Construction??...??31
8 Cast-in-situ Structure Subitem Project??...??31
8.1 General Requirements??...??31
8.2 Appearance Quality??...??32
8.3 Positional and Dimensional Deviation??...??33
9 Precast Structure Subitem Project??...??36
9.1 General Requirements??...??36
10 Concrete Structures Sub-subsection Project??...??41
10.1 Entitative Inspection of Structure??...??41
10.2 Inspection and Acceptance of Concrete Structures Sub-subsection Project??...??42 Appendix A Records on Quality Acceptance??...??44
Appendix B Inspection of Structural Performance of Flexural Precast Members??...??47 B.1 Inspection Requirements??...??47
B.2 Inspection Method??...??50
Appendix C Strength Inspection of Test Piece Cured at the Same Condition of Concrete Structure Entity??...??54
Appendix D Inspection on Concrete Strength of Structure Entity with Rebound and Core-drilling Method??...??55
Appendix E Inspection on Protective Layer Thickness of Steel Bar of Structure Entity??...??57 Appendix F Inspection on Positional and Dimensional Deviation of Structure Entity??...??59 Wording Explanation in This Code??...??61
List of Quoted Standards??...??62
The code compiling group revised GB 50204-2002 Code for Acceptance of
Constructional Quality of Concrete Structures after carrying out extensive investigation and study, earnestly summarizing practical experience, referencing related international standards and advanced foreign standards, and soliciting opinions widely according to the requirements of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in the Notice on Printing 2011 Development and Revision Plan of National Engineering Construction Standards and Codes (Jian Biao [2011] No.17).
Main technical contents of this code. general provisions, terms, basic requirements, formwork subitem project, steel bar subitem project, prestress subitem project, concrete subitem project, cast-in-situ structure subitem project, precast structure subitem project, concrete structure sub-subsection project and relevant appendixes.
The revision of this code in main technical contents.
1. Basic requirements for acceptance are improved;
2. The requirements for expanding inspection lot capacity of certified products or eligible products in continuous inspection are added;
3. Requirements for acceptance of formwork stripping are deleted;
4. Requirements for acceptance of new technology applied to steel bars like fabricated steel bar are added;
5. Requirements for acceptance of fully-enclosed waterproof performance of unbonded prestressed tendon are added;
6. Requirements for site acceptance of premixed concrete are improved;
7. Requirements for site acceptance of precast members are improved;
8. Requirements for entitative inspection over structure position and dimension deviation are added;
9. Methods to inspect the structure entity concrete strength by rebound - core drilling method are added.
In this code, the provision(s) printed in bold type is (are) compulsory and must be enforced strictly.
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China is in charge of the administration of this code and the explanation of the compulsory provisions, and the China Academy of Building Research is responsible for the explanation of specific technical contents. During the process of implementing this standard, the relevant opinions and advice, whenever necessary, can be posted or passed on to China Academy of Building Research (Address. No.30 North 3rd Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100013, China; E-mail. GB
Chief development organization of this code. China Academy of Building Research Participating development organizations of this code.
National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Building Engineering Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd
Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Beijing Construction Project Management Association
1 General Provisions
1.0.1 This code is developed in order to strengthen the construction engineering quality management, unify acceptance of concrete structure engineering construction quality and guarantee project construction quality.
1.0.2 This code is applicable to construction quality acceptance of concrete structure. 1.0.3 Quality acceptance of concrete structure construction shall not only comply with those specified in this code, but also comply with those in the current relevant national standards. 2 Terms
2.0.1 Concrete structure
The structure mainly made of concrete, including plain concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure and prestressed concrete structure, which may be classified into cast-in-situ ...

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