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GB 4706.7-2014 English PDF (GB4706.7-2014)

GB 4706.7-2014 English PDF (GB4706.7-2014)

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GB 4706.7-2014: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances -- Particular requirements for vacuum cleaner and water suction

GB 4706.7-2014
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances-Particular requirements for vacuum cleaner and water suction ICS 97.080
National Standards of People's Republic of China
Replacing GB 4706.7-2004
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety vacuum
Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning appliances (IEC 60335-2-2.2009, IDT)
Issued on. 2014-12-05
2016-01-01 implementation
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China Standardization Administration of China released
Table of Contents
Introduction Ⅲ
Introduction Ⅳ
1 Scope 1
2 Normative references 1
3 Terms and definitions 2
4 3 General requirements
5 General conditions for tests 3
6 Category 3
7 Marking and instructions 3
8 pairs of protection access to live parts 4
Start electric appliances 4 9
10 Power input and current 5
11 Fever 5
5 12 Void
Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature of 13 5
14 transient overvoltage 5
15 Moisture resistance 5
16 Leakage current and electric strength 6
17 Overload protection of transformers and associated circuits 6
18 Endurance 7
19 Non-work 7
20 Stability and mechanical hazards 7
21 Mechanical strength 7
22 Structure 9
23 Internal wiring 9
24 elements 9
25 Supply connection and external flexible cords 9
26 Terminals for external conductors 10
27 grounding 10
28 Screws and connections 10
29 Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation 10
30 Resistance to heat and fire 10
31 rust 10
32 Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards 10
Appendix 13
Appendix B (normative) Appliances powered by a rechargeable battery 13
Annex C (normative) Ageing test on motors 15
References 16
101 carrier tube wear test apparatus 11
102 carrier pipe resistant to bending test apparatus 11
103 pipe freezing shape 12
Figure 104 pipe bending position removed from the freezer after 12
All technical content in this section are mandatory.
GB 4706 "Household and similar electrical appliances" made up of several parts. Part 1. General requirements, other parts of the special Claim.
This is Part 7 GB 4706's. This section should be GB 4706.1-2005 "Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety first Part I. General requirements "in conjunction.
This section drafted in accordance with GB/T 1.1-2009 given rules.
This Part replaces GB 4706.7-2004 "Special Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning appliances Specific requirements. "
The main difference between this part and GB 4706.7-2004 is.
--- Chapter 2 normative references amended as follows.
Delete references "ISO 3864, Safety colors and safety symbols."
--- Chapter 3. Terms and definitions amended as follows.
• Power Pi 3.1.9 has been revised for the "normal work" in;
• 3.1.9 in "normal operation", increasing the battery-powered automatic cleaning appliance requirements; • Increase the definition of "battery-powered automatic cleaning apparatus" of 3.105; • Increase 3.106 "charging cradle" is defined.
--- 6.1 appliance for protection against electric shock classification has been revised to add. --- 11.5 Conditions for heating appliances running on battery-powered automatic cleaning appliance supplemented. --- 19.9 for non-work on a battery-powered automatic cleaning appliance supplemented. --- Chapter 22 structure was amended as follows.
• Delete 22.40 all-pole disconnect switch requirements for water suction cleaning appliances shall be fitted; • increase the power requirements of 22.101 for the cleaning head with water feature. --- Increase in Appendix B Battery powered automatic cleaning appliance requirements. This section uses the translation method is equivalent to using IEC 60335-2-2 "Safety - Part 2-2 Household and similar electrical appliances. vacuum cleaner Particular requirements and water suction cleaning appliances. "
This section has a corresponding relationship with the normative references of international standards of the following documents. --- GB/T 9258.2-2008 Coated abrasives - Grain size analysis - Part 2. coarse grain size distribution P12 ~ P220 Determination (ISO 6344-2.1998, IDT)
--- GB/T 20291-2006 household vacuum cleaner performance test methods (IEC 60312.2004, IDT) Please note that some of the content of this document may involve patents. Release mechanism of the present document does not assume responsibility for the identification of these patents. This part is proposed by the China National Light Industry Council.
This part of the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances (SAC/TC46) centralized. This part of the main drafting unit. China Academy of household appliances, Midea Group AG, Cobos Robots Technology (Suzhou) Co., Division, Lake Electric Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haier sets appliances Services Ltd., Ningbo Fu Jia Industrial Co., Ltd., Philips (China) Investment Limited resources, China Household Electrical Appliances detection.
The main drafters of this section. Lu Jian, Zhu Yan, Europe Junhui, new Qu Wei, Xiong Kaisheng, Li Xianghong, Dong Li, Chen Ziliang, Sun Peng. This part of the standard replaces the previous editions are.
--- GB 4706.7-1986, GB 4706.7-1999, GB 4706.7-2004.
In drafting this section has been assumed by appropriately qualified and experienced people to implement the provisions of this section. This section is recognized Household and similar electrical appliances under normal use in the manufacturer's instructions noted that the conditions of the appliance An internationally acceptable level of electrical, mechanical, thermal, fire and radiation hazard protection, it also includes the use of expected possible Irregular situation, and to consider electromagnetic interference for the safe operation of the appliance impact way. In developing this section has been taken into account as far as possible the requirements specified in IEC 60364, so that when the appliance is electrically connected to the grid Gas wiring rules requires coordinated.
If a number of functions related to the GB 4706 appliance different specific requirements, as far as is reasonable in the circumstances, the relevant section Particular requirements for points to be applied separately to each function. If applicable, taking into account the influence of one function to another function. When other parts do not contain additional requirements involving dangerous for Part 1, Part 1 applies. Note 1. In this section, when referring to "other parts", it refers to the specific requirements related to 4706 GB of. This part is related to a security appliance product family standard, and in standards covering the same subject in the same level and category of Priority.
Note 2. The standard deals with the same dangerous levels and categories do not apply, because it is already in the determination of GB 4706 series of standards and special requirements General Requirements Considered within the scope. For example, many appliance surface temperature requirements, in addition to the first part and other parts of the common standards (such as for hot surfaces The ISO 13732-1) Not applicable.
An appliance that complies in this part of the text, when examined and tested, found to have other features would prejudice the requirements of this relates Security level, it will not be sentenced to comply with this section of the safety guidelines. When using a material or product forms of construction of the section in the requirements, then the product can be in this section in accordance with these Seeking intentions be inspected and tested. If found to be substantially equivalent, it may be considered to comply with the requirements of this section. Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety vacuum
Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning appliances 1 Scope
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005 replaced by the following.
GB This section 4706 provisions applicable to the safety of household and similar electric vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning appliances, including Including vacuum cleaner for cleaning the animal, its single-phase appliances rated voltage not exceeding 250V, but also for the central vacuum cleaner and with charge Electric battery automatic cleaning apparatus.
This section also applies to the power head and clean the vacuum cleaner with a special carrier tube. Not as a general family use, but may be dangerous to the public, such as appliances in a store or other place of business, by non-professionals As a member of the general purpose household appliance used also apply. 101 Note. similar appliances for household appliance general purpose use in hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops and offices. In practical terms, the general risk of a variety of instruments exist in this section relates, is all the people in and around the home environment You may encounter.
This section does not generally involve.
--- Persons (including children).
Physical, perceptual and mental deficiency; or
Lack of experience and common sense;
Avoid the use of dangerous appliances such persons may arise in the absence of custody or under the guidance; Play appliance case --- children.
102 Note. Note the following.
--- Intended for use on vehicles, vessels or aircraft instruments, additional requirements may be necessary. --- National health authorities, the labor protection department, water management and similar departments implement additional requirements as prescribed. 103 Note. This section does not apply to.
--- Designed for industrial use and design of the appliance;
--- Intends to implement in the particular circumstances of a corrosive or explosive gases (such as dust, vapor or gas) places to use; --- For commercial purposes for wet and dry vacuum cleaners, including power brush (GB 4706.93). 2 Normative references
The following documents for the application of this document is essential. For dated references, only the dated version suitable for use herein Member. For undated references, the latest edition (including any amendments) applies to this document. This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
Increase following reference documents.
GB/T 5465.2-2008 Graphical symbols for electrical equipment - Part 2. Graphical symbols (IEC 60417DB.2007, IDT) Household vacuum cleaners IEC 60312 Methods for measuring performance (Vacuumcleanersforhouseholduse-Methodsof measuringtheperformance)
ISO 6344-2 Coated Abrasives Analysis Part 2 abrasive particle size. P12 ~ P220 coarse grain size distribution measurement (Coated abrasives-Grainsizeanalysis-Part 2. DeterminationofgrainsizedistributionofmacrogritsP12toP 220)
3 Terms and Definitions
The following terms and definitions apply to this document.
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
3.1.4 Addition.
101 Note. For the appliance with the regulator set, and run the appropriate rated power input does not use the regulator setting. 3.1.9 Replacement.
To work normaloperation
Run under the following conditions.
Appliance in continuous operation at rated voltage after 20s, adjust the air inlet to a given input power Pm. If desired, 3min after the last air inlet adjustment.
Pm calculated by the following formula.
Pm = 0.5 (Pf Pi)
3min after Pf --- work at the suction port opened state of the measured input power in watts (W); After Pi --- test Pf, blocking the air intake when the appliance work 20s measured input power. Intake manifold is closed, for any mention Supply air flow to cool the motor valve failure and the like, with the exception of tools to adjust the device. In watts (W).
Pf and Pi measured in the following conditions. Supply voltage adjusted to the rated voltage, if the rated voltage range of the upper and lower deviation does not exceed the rated power Pressure range of 10% of the average, the average value of the rated power supply voltage range; if the rated voltage range of the vertical deviation exceeds the rated voltage range Around 10% of the average, the test voltage is adjusted to the upper limit of the rated voltage range. Test with clean utensils fashion dust filter and dust bag, if it is with a container to collect the liquid, the container should be unloaded. If the appliance only With the use of a hose, remove the detachable nozzle and takeover, the hose naturally straight start. If the backup appliance with a hose, then work Do not use the hose as time.
Rotating brush or similar device is in working condition, but not in contact with any surface. Electric cleaning head by a hose or receiver is connected The state does not work with any contact with the surface.
Appliance to provide power for its attachment resistive load applied to the output port should be consistent with the nominal value. Battery powered automatic cleaner in Wilton carpets within the framework of 1.5m × 1.5m size range of operation, the carpet should be consistent IEC 60312 requirements; appliance suction mouth open, and use a clean dust bag or filter. 3.101
Water suction cleaning water-suctioncleaningappliance
Appliance for inhalation may contain detergent and dust aqueous solution. 3.102
Regulating device boostersetting
In the operative position, can be controlled to generate a provisional high input power, when it is not working, the input power can be automatically reduced to a predetermined It means values.
Vacuum Central centraly-sitedvacuumcleaner
Vacuum piping system installed in the building in the vacuum cleaner.
Note. When using the suction nozzle and the connection pipe connected directly to any delivery system suction inlet. 3.104
Power cleaning head motorizedcleaninghead
Annex by the appliance with a motor-powered, hand-held hose with one end or receiver is connected. 3.105
Battery powered automatic cleaner automaticbattery-poweredcleaner
No personnel operating in accordance with a predetermined area, or rely on their own instrument controls a vacuum cleaner running in a certain area. Cleaner includes a body movement, and the necessary charging cradle.
Charging Dock dockingstation
The unit provides the following capabilities.
--- Manual or automatic battery charging;
--- Dust removal;
--- Digital processing, and
--- Provide the impetus for moving parts.
Note. The charging cradle is also known as a base.
4 General requirements
GB 4706.1-2005 are applicable.
5 General conditions for tests
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
5.2 Addition.
Each test 21.101 - 21.105 use the new hose.
5.101 in the carrier pipe safety extra-low voltage operation without trial 21.101 - 21.105. Category 6
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
6.1 Review.
Vacuum cleaners and water suction cleaning appliances shall be class Ⅰ, Ⅱ class or class Ⅲ. Vacuum cleaners for the cleaning of the animal should be Ⅱ class or class Ⅲ. Rated voltage not exceeding 150V vacuum cleaner may be zero class.
Fixtures battery-powered automatic cleaner if the rated voltage does not exceed 150V class may be zero. 6.2 Addition.
Animal clean with a vacuum cleaner and water suction cleaning appliances waterproof rating of at least IPX4. 7 Marking and instructions
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
7.1 Addition.
The appliance shall be marked with their rated power input and power output of the maximum output load (if provided) the sum of watts (W) represented. 7.6 Addition.
[GB/T 5465.2-2008 Symbols 5935] Clean electric suction cleaning head
7.12 Addition.
If the vacuum cleaner with a carrier pipe (pipe carriers except at safety extra-low voltage), the instructions shall include the following. --- Note. The carrier tube contains electrical connections;
--- Water can not be used (only applicable to vacuum cleaners);
--- Can not be immersed in water cleaning;
--- Regular inspection hoses, if damaged prohibited;
--- With a rotating brush or the like vacuum cleaners, water suction cleaning appliances including instructions for use should declare. cleaning or maintenance, insurance Before raising appliance, the plug should be pulled out of the socket.
If GB/T 5465.2-2008 symbol 5935, should explain its meaning.
7.14 Addition.
GB/T 5465.2-2008 5935 symbols height of at least 15mm.
Compliance is checked by measurement.
7.101 power cleaning head shall be marked.
--- Rated voltage or rated voltage range in volts (V) as a unit;
--- Rated input power in watts (W) of the unit;
--- Manufacturer or responsible vendor's name, trade mark or identification mark; --- Model or serial number.
In addition to the operating voltage is not higher than 24 V Ⅲ class structure, and water suction cleaning power cleaning head should be used in line with GB/T 5465.2-2008 symbol sign marking the 5935 requirements.
Note. This flag is information signs, in addition to color outside, shall comply with the requirements of ISO 3864-1. Compliance is checked by inspection.
7.102 appliance outlet for accessory power should be marked with its maximum load, in watts (W) of the unit. Note. This flag should output socket near the appliance.
Compliance is checked by inspection.
8 pairs of protection access to live parts
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
8.1.1 Addition.
If the specification is declared, or when replacing the lamp drive belt requires the use of tools to removable parts, if the following conditions are met, this These parts are not considered to be detachable parts.
--- Description of the appliance off the power supply connection, before and after opening the cover or removing covers should be clearly visible, and --- After the lid is removed, live parts can be touched with at least basic insulation protection. 9 start electric appliances
GB 4706.1-2005 in this chapter do not apply.
10 Power input and current
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
10.1 Addition.
Power input power cleaning head should be measured separately.
101 Note. When measuring input rated power output of the appliance without load. These tests regulating device does not work.
Fever 11
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
11.3 Addition.
101 Note. When measuring the input power to ensure that the appliance is installed correctly, the input power Pi Close air inlet measurement. 11.5 Addition.
Regulating means to ensure the normal operation through structural setting. Battery powered automatic cleaner charging stand at 0.94 or 1.06 times the rated voltage operation, whichever is the most unfavorable conditions. If the battery-powered automatic cleaner charging cradle contains a suction mode 3.1.9 Test conditions apply. 11.7 Addition.
Appliance run to establish a stable state.
Appliances with automatic reel and pull out of the total length of the cord work 30min 1/3, and then the cord all the way out. 12 Void
13 Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005, except as follows, are applicable.
13.1 Addition.

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