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GB 4706.39-2008 English PDF (GB4706.39-2008)

GB 4706.39-2008 English PDF (GB4706.39-2008)

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GB 4706.39-2008: Household and similar electrical appliances -- Safety -- Particular requirements for commercial electric grillers and toasters

GB 4706.39-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances.Safety.Particular requirements for commercial electric grillers and toasters ICS 13.120
National Standards of People's Republic of China
GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
Replacing GB 4706.39-2003
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety
Particular requirements for commercial electric grillers and toasters
(IEC 60335-2-48.2002, IDT)
Published 2008-12-30
2010-04-01 implementation
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China Standardization Administration of China issued
Table of Contents
Introduction Ⅲ
IEC Foreword Ⅳ
Introduction Ⅵ
1 Scope 1
2 Normative References 1
3 Definitions 1
4 General requirements 2
General conditions for 5 tests 2
6 Category 2
7 Marking and instructions 2
8 Protection against access to live parts 3
Start electric appliance 3 9
10 Power input and current 4
11 fever 4
12 Void 4
Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature 4 13
14 Transient overvoltages 4
15 Moisture resistance 4
16 5 Leakage current and electric strength
Transformer 17 and associated circuitry overload 5
18 Endurance 5
19 non-working properly 5
20 Stability and mechanical hazards 6
21 Mechanical strength 6
22 Structure 6
Internal wiring 23 6
7 member 24
25 and the external power connection cord 7
26 with the external lead terminals 7
27 grounding measures 7
7 and screw 28 is connected
Clearances 29, creepage distances and solid insulation 8
30 and fire resistant 8
31 8 rust
32 radiation, toxicity and similar hazards 8
Appendix 9
Annex N (normative) Proof tracking test 9
Reference 10
Splash device 101 of FIG. 8
GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
All technical contents of this section is mandatory.
GB 4706 "and similar household electrical appliances," it consists of several components, Part 1 General Requirements for the other parts of special Claim.
This part is the part 4706 of 39 GB . This section should be safe first and GB 4706.1-2005 "Household and similar electrical appliances Part 1. General Requirements, "with the use.
This section is equivalent to using IEC 60335-2-48.2002 "Safety part 2 and similar household electrical appliances. commercial electric oven and baked Particular requirements for bread oven "and its Amendment No. 1 (Ed4.0,2008-02). For ease of use, this part of the IEC 60335-2-48 following editorial changes made. Word A) "first part" to "GB 4706.1-2005";
b) with a decimal point "." instead of as a decimal point "."
This section instead of GB 4706.39-2003 "household and similar electrical appliances commercial electric ovens and toasters special Claim"
This section GB 4706.39-2003 The main difference is as follows.
--- Note canceled 101 6.2, added "use on the desktop appliance at least IPX3, other implements at least IPX4" of Claim;
--- canceled 6.101;
Added Note 11.7 in --- 101;
--- revised 16.2 in leakage current limit;
--- Chapter 18 does not apply and instead apply;
Chapter 21 --- increase in the content of the package visible to the heating element hot tube impact test; --- modify the content of 22.101;
--- increased 29.2;
--- canceled 30.3;
--- modify the content 30.101 in the combustion test.
APPENDIX This section N is normative.
This section was proposed by China Light Industry Federation.
This part of the jurisdiction of the National Standardization Technical Committee appliances (SAC/TC46). This part was drafted. Beijing Institute of mechanical services, Yu Fu-kitchen equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the new wheat Machinery (Wuxi) Ltd., a Shanghai-Food Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd. Pu Yi Li. The main drafters of this section. Li Jiping, Liu Hongwei, Yan Hua, Wang Zhifeng, Ding Tinghua, Zhang Cai, Liu Xu, Ding Jian. Previous versions of this part of the case released.
--- GB 4706.39-1997, GB 4706.39-2003.
GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
IEC Foreword
1) standard worldwide IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is composed of all national electrotechnical committees (IEC National Committees) Organization. IEC 's mission is to promote comprehensive cooperation among countries in the field of electrical and electronic and standardized. In view of the above object and taking into account its He needed activities, IEC publishes International Standards, Technical Specifications, Technical Reports, Publicly Available Specification (PAS), guidelines (hereinafter collectively referred to as IEC Publications). The entire development work done by the technical committee. Any IEC National Committee interested in the technical problems can participate Plus development work. And the International Electrotechnical Commission linked to international, governmental and non-governmental organizations also participate in this work. IEC in accordance with its It reached an agreement with ISO , working closely with the ISO at work. 2) since each technical committee has representatives from IEC National Committees in each of the relevant technical issues of interest, so IEC on technical issues related to formal decisions or agreements are expressed as international consensus. 3) IEC Publications by way of recommendation for international use and are accepted by the National Committees in that sense. In order to ensure that When the accuracy of the technical content of IEC publications and make any reasonable effort to IEC for its publications to be used and any final Users (readers) is not responsible for the misunderstanding.
4) In order to promote international unification, IEC National Committees undertake to apply IEC publications within their domestic circumstances permit As the publication of their country or region. IEC Publication and the corresponding national or regional publication of a difference, as far as possible in the latter Clearly pointed out.
5) IEC provides no marking to indicate its approval procedures, but does not mean any equipment declared to conform to IEC publication of a bear responsibility.
6) All users should ensure that the latest version of the holders of the publication. 7) IEC or its managers, employees, servants or agents (including the independent expert, IEC Technical Committee and the National Committee of the IEC Members) should not use or rely on any direct or indirect personal injury or other publication of this IEC IEC publication caused property Loss or other damage of any nature, as well as costs from outside of this publication (including legal fees) and expenses responsibility. 8) It should be noted in normative list of documents referenced in this publication. For proper use of this publication is concerned, the use of normative references article Member is indispensable.
9) Some contents of this IEC publication may involve patent rights, which should attract attention. IEC shall not be responsible for knowledge Do any or all such patent rights.
IEC 60335 series of standards in this section are prepared by IEC Technical Committee 61 "Household and similar electrical appliances" belongs 61E "Safety of electrical commercial catering equipment processing services" sub-committee to develop. IEC 60335-2-48 Fourth Edition, published in 2000, for the third edition were deleted and alternative technical modifications. The bilingual edition (March 2005) Alternative English.
The text in this section is based on the following documents.
FDIS Report on voting
61E/409/FDIS 61E/423/RVD
This addendum is based on the following documents.
FDIS Report on voting
61E/597/FDIS 61E/612/RVD
Details of voting on the approval of this section, may ascertain the voting report indicated in the above table in. This section with the latest version of IEC 60335-1 and its amendments pieces used in conjunction. This part is based on the 4th edition IEC 60335-1 GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
(2001) developed.
Note 1. This section every reference to "a part" refers to GB 4706.1 (IEC 60335-1). This part of the respective terms of IEC 60335-1 was supplemented or modified, converted to the IEC standard. commercial electric oven and toaster Safety furnace requirements.
If the individual provisions of Part 1 is not mentioned at the time of this section, if justified, the provisions still apply. Described in this section, "increase", When the "edit" or "replacement", Part 1 related text should be modified. Note 2. The numbering system is as follows.
--- "Part 1" in terms of the increase, notes and charts are numbered starting from 101; --- new subclause "Part 1" is not included since including injection start number 101, instead of including these points the terms or terms; --- with additional annexes AA, BB and other numbers.
Note 3. Printed with the following.
--- text requirements. printed;
--- test specifications. italic;
--- Comment Content. lowercase printed.
Text in bold are defined in Clause 3. When defining involved adjective, adjective and the noun modified also in bold. There is a difference in some countries.
--- 6.1. 01 class appliance is admitted (Japan);
--- 6.2. intend to install appliances in the kitchen, according to its installation height, required to have an appropriate degree of protection barrier harmful influent (Method country);
--- 13.2. Leakage current limits are different (Japan);
--- 16.2. Leakage current limits are different (Japan);
--- Chapter 21. intended for installation in a kitchen appliance in accordance with the height of the point of impact, the impact of using different energy values (Method country).
The Committee decided, before the IEC website "http.//" specified retention date results, publications and its basic increase Data related to the content of the additional documents and publications related to the special remains unchanged. In this date, the publication will be. ● reconfirmed;
● abolished;
● replaced by a revised edition; or
● supplement.
GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
It has been assumed in the drafting of this section, a person appropriately qualified and experienced to implement the provisions of this section. This portion is recognized that the use of household electrical appliances and the like under normal conditions noted when the manufacturer's instructions for the appliance An acceptable level of risk international protection of electrical, mechanical, thermal, radiation and fire, it also includes the use may be expected to occur Abnormal circumstances, and in view of electromagnetic interference affects the way for the safe operation of the appliance. In developing this part has been as much as possible into account the requirements of GB 16895 in order to make electrical appliances when connecting to the grid Gas wiring rules requires coordinated.
If a number of functions GB 4706 appliance involves special requirements in different part of the special requirements, as far as is reasonable in the circumstances Under the special requirements of the relevant standards should be applied to each function separately. If applicable, taking into account the influence of one function to other functions. When the special requirements not included in Part 1 of the appended claims when hazardous, Part 1 applies. Note 1. The meaning of the special requirements of the Technical Committee has decided there is no need to redefine the general requirements for special requirements. This part is a matter of security appliance product family standards, and standards covering the same subject at the same level in the same category In priority.
Note 2. When the application GB 4706 series of standards on general requirements and specific requirements covering the risk of the same level and the same standard does not apply to categories already General Requirements section has been taken into account. For example, in regard to many of the requirements for the surface temperature of the appliance, similar standards, such as ISO 13732-1 on heat Surface requirements, except for the part not applicable to the standard 1 or special requirements. An appliance that complies text of this section, when examined and tested, found to have other features that will be covered by the requirements of this damage And when the level of security, it will not be considered to comply with the safety guidelines in this section. Product use various materials or various forms of structures other than specified in this part, this may be the product according to the present section The intent of these requirements for inspection and testing. If found to be substantially equivalent, it can be determined which comply with this part. GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety
Particular requirements for commercial electric grillers and toasters
Range 1
GB 4706.1-2005 in this chapter replaced by the following.
This section relates GB 4706 is not for home use and safety of commercial electric oven toasters. For one phase and neutral connection Single-phase line tool, which does not exceed the rated voltage of 250V, other apparatus does not exceed 480V. Or continuously rotating electric oven and toasters and similar baked using radiant heat appliances, such as electric furnace rotary barbecue, grilled plate, also Within the scope of this section.
101 NOTE. These instruments used such as restaurants, food stores, such as hospitals and bakeries, meat shops and the like commercial enterprises. Using other forms of energy appliance, it is also within the scope of this part of the electrical portion. This section deals with common risk caused by such equipment.
102 Note. the following should be noted.
--- intended for use on vehicles, vessels or aircraft equipment, allows additional requirements necessary; --- In many countries, additional requirements under national national health, labor protection, water supply and other similar authority; --- For appliance designed for outdoor use, allow the necessary additional requirements. 103 NOTE. This does not apply to.
--- designed specifically for industrial use appliances;
--- appliances used in place of a corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapor or gas) and other special state; --- for the mass production of food utensils continuous operation;
--- single, electric griddles (GB 4706.37).
2 Normative references
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005 is applicable.
Definition 3
The following terms and definitions apply to this section.
GB 4706.1-2005 in this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
3.1.4 Addition.
101 Note. rated input power is the sum of all the individual elements of the input power within the appliance can be operated at the same time; there may be several such combinations, the most Large combined to determine the input power rated input power.
3.1.9 article replaced by the following.
The appliance is operated under the following conditions.
Appliance load operation and all the controllers for the user to operate to maximum limits. As with a timer, then it does not work. As with the door, cover, or the reflecting plate drip tray arrangement accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, if not provide instructions, to fully open the door, the minimum drip pan in Position grill placed as high as possible.
If the appliance does not load does not work, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions. A motor mounted within the appliance, taking into account the manufacturer's instructions, under the most severe conditions that may occur in normal use, as expected Run.
GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
A major food baked by radiant heat appliance in its interior.
A specially designed for bread or similar baked browned appliances with radiant heat. 3.103
An appliance mobile products during baking.
Fixed structure comprising dedicated supply facilities, facilities for the supply and the appliance together with the installation structure. 4 General requirements
This chapter in GB 4706.1-2005 is applicable.
General conditions for 5 tests
GB 4706.1-2005 in this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
This chapter 5.10 Addition.
When the appliance is installed in combination with other apparatus or fixed installation on the wall, should take measures to avoid electric shock or harmful retaining water, and reached the Indicated with the protection requirements specification.
101 Note. fence or may require appropriate additional tool for testing purposes. 5.101 appliance is equipped with an electric motor even still be tested as heating appliances. 5.102 joint assembly with the appliance or other apparatus with other apparatus are tested in accordance with the requirements of this section. Other instruments related press Requirements of the standard work at the same time.
Category 6
GB 4706.1-2005 in this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
6.1 article replaced by the following.
About shock protection category, the appliance should belong to the class Ⅰ. Compliance is checked by inspection and relevant tests.
6.2 Addition.
Used on the desktop appliance at least IPX3, other implements at least IPX4. 7 Marking and instructions
GB 4706.1-2005 in this chapter except as follows, are applicable.
7.1 Addition.
In addition, the appliance shall be marked.
Water source appliance intends connected, by its pressure or range of pressures in kPa, but who has been otherwise specified in the specification. 7.6 Addition.
Add the following symbols.
GB/T 5465.2 (idt IEC 60417-1) -5021 equipotential
GB 4706.39-2008/IEC 60335-2-48.2002
7.12 Addition.
If the label on the appliance GB/T 5465.2 (idt IEC 60417-1) specified symbol 5021, should explain its meaning. For physical, sensory or mental defective or lacking experience and knowledge of people (including children), this description does not apply. 7.12.1 article replaced by the following.
The appliance shall be accompanied by instructions, special precautions necessary for installation details. When the appliance is mounted in combination with other appliances or fixed When installing wall should be provided on how to prepare for guaranteed electric shock and harmful ingress of water blocking detailed description fully protected. As will be more than one device The control device in combination with a separate housing, the installation should provide detailed instructions. User maintenance, such as cleaning, etc., should also be provided Instructions. Description specification should not use water jet cleaning appliance. For permanently connected to the fixed wiring and leakage current may exceed 10mA appliance, especially long-term in an open state or stopped Use, or when first installed, the specification intended to provide protection on the installation (such as earth leakage protection relay) recommendation rating. Compliance is checked by inspection.
7.12.4 Addition.
Having a separate control panel for a number of built-in appliances station apparatus to be used, which should provide instructions for use. only the control panel with the finger Given appliance is connected to avoid possible danger.
7.15 Addition.
If the flag is not set to fixed appliances it can be seen that after install...

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