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GB 19301-2010 English PDF (GB19301-2010)

GB 19301-2010 English PDF (GB19301-2010)

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GB 19301-2010: National food safety standard -- Raw milk

This Standard is applicable to raw milk. It does not applicable to ready-to-eat raw milk. It refers to the normal milk that is milked from breast of healthy dairy stocks conforming to the related national requirements and has no composition change. The colostrum milked within 7 days after calving, milk drawn during the use of antibiotics and withdrawal time as well as metamorphic milk shall not be used as raw milk.
GB 19301-2010
National Food Safety Standard
Raw Milk
Issued by. Ministry of Health of the PEOPLE Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 Terms and definitions ... 4
4 Technical requirements ... 4
This Standard replaces GB 19301-2003 Hygienic Standard for Fresh Milk and the No. 1 Corrigendum.
Comparted with GB 19301-2003, the main changes in this Standard are as follows. -- Change the name of the standard into Raw Milk;
-- Add ?€?terms and definitions?€?;
-- Directly quote the ?€?limits of contaminants?€? as stated in GB 2762;
-- Directly quote the ?€?limits of mycotoxins?€? as stated in GB 2761;
-- Directly quote the ?€?residue limits for pesticides?€? as stated in GB 2763, the related national regulations and announcement; and
-- Modify the ?€?microorganisms index?€?.
The previous editions replaced by this Standard are as follows.
-- GBn 33-1977 and GB 19301-2003.
Acidity / (??T)
GB 5413.34 Cow milk b 12 - 18
Goat milk 6 - 13
a Test it 3 h after milking.
b Only applicable to Holstein cows.
4.3 Limits of contaminants. The provisions of GB 2762 shall be met.
4.4 Limits of mycotoxins. The provisions of GB 2761 shall be met.
4.5 Limits of microorganisms. The provisions of Table 3 shall be met.
Table 3 Limits of microorganisms
Item Limit [CFU/g(mL)] Test method
Aerobic bacterial count ???2??106 GB 4789.2
4.6 Pesticide residue limits and veterinary-drug residue limits
4.6.1 Pesticide residue limits shall conform to GB 2763, related national regulations and announcement.
4.6.2 Veterinary-drug residue limits shall conform to related national regulations and announcement.

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