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GB 19300-2014 English PDF (GB19300-2014)

GB 19300-2014 English PDF (GB19300-2014)

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GB 19300-2014: National Food Safety Standard -- Roasted nuts

This Standard is applicable to the raw and cooked nuts and seeds food.
GB 19300-2014
National Standard for Food Safety
Nuts and Seeds Food
Issued by. National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC.
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Application Scope ... 4
2 Terms and Definitions ... 4
3 Classification ... 5
4 Technical Requirements ... 5
Appendix A ... 7
Appendix B ... 8
This Standard replaces GB 19300-2013 ?€?Hygienic standard for roasted nuts?€? and GB 16326-2005 ?€?Hygienic standard for nut?€?.
Compared with GB 19300-2003 and GB 16326-2005, the main changes of this Standard are as follows.
-- This Standard changes the name to be ?€?National Standard for Food Safety - Nuts and Seeds Food?€?;
-- Modify the scope;
-- Add terms and definitions;
-- Add classifications;
-- Modify sensory requirements;
-- Modify physiochemical indexes;
-- Add pesticide residue limit in raw dry nuts and seeds food;
-- Modify microbiological limits;
-- Add appendix.
National Standard for Food Safety
Nuts and Seeds Food
1 Application Scope
This Standard is applicable to the raw and cooked nuts and seeds food.
2 Terms and Definitions
2.1 Nuts and Seeds Food
The food that is made by nuts, seeds or its seed kernel as main raw material. 2.1.1 Nuts
Seeds of woody plants with hard shell, including walnut, chestnut, apricot pit, flat walnut, hickory nut, pistachio, torreya, Hawaii nuts, pine nuts, etc.
2.1.2 Seeds
Seeds of plants like fellow, fruit, vegetable, oil crops, etc., including sunflower seed, watermelon seed, pumpkin seed, peanut, broad bean, pea, soybean, etc.
2.1.3 Seed kernel
The part of nuts or seeds without shell.
2.2 Dry nuts and seeds food
The nuts and seeds food without the cooked process after the treatment of cleaning, screening, shelling, or drying.
2.3 Cooked nuts and seeds food
The food that uses nuts, seeds or seed kernel as main raw material, with or without adjuvant, that are roasted, fried, boiled, cooked or other cooking processes. Remarks. The cooked nuts and seeds food are the traditional roasted nuts and seeds food. 2.4 Moldy particle
Appendix B
Sample Pretreatment Method for Acid Value and Peroxide Value Test
B.1 De-shelling
Remove the shell of nuts and seeds with shell; take the edible part; in which, for seed-kernel with green inner-film (such as pumpkin seed, trichosanthes seed etc.), it shall remove the green inner-film that is attached to the seed-kernel surface. Method to remove green inner-film. spray grade-3 water onto the surface of seed-kernel of which the shell has been removed; after 5 minutes, use hand to twist-remove green inner-film; place the seed-kernel of which the green inner-film is cleaned-removed INTO 50??C oven; bake for 45 minutes.
B.2 Oil extraction
Place appropriate amount of sample, after grinding, into conical flask with stopper; add 100 mL of petroleum ether of which the boiling range is 30??C ~ 60??C; shake for 1 min; place for 12 hours; filter by funnel with anhydrous sodium sulfate; place the filtrate on 60??C water bath; completely evaporate petroleum ether, and be ready for usage. The amount of extracted oil shall meet the measurement requirement of GB/T 5009.37.

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