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GB 1886.174-2024 English PDF (GB1886.174-2024)

GB 1886.174-2024 English PDF (GB1886.174-2024)

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GB 1886.174-2024: National Food Safety Standards--Food Additives--Enzyme Preparations for Food Industry
This standard applies to enzyme preparations for the food industry that are allowed to be used in National food safety standard - Standards for uses of food additives (GB 2760) and related announcements. 2 Terms and definitions 2.1 enzyme preparations for the food industry A preparation product with special catalytic activity and used in the food industry, which is directly extracted from edible or non-edible parts of animals or plants, or fermented and extracted from microorganisms (including but not limited to bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungal strains) obtained through traditional selection or genetic recombination technology, or prepared through further purification, formulation and other processes (it may contain one or more active enzyme components). 2.2 enzyme activity An indicator of the activity of an enzyme to catalyze a specific reaction under certain conditions. 2.3 antibacterial activity Properties that inhibit or kill microorganisms. 2.4 excipients for enzyme preparations Food raw materials and food additives added for the purpose of activity preservation, circulation storage, and standardized use of enzyme preparation products. 2.5 immobilized enzyme preparations Product dosage forms that immobilize the enzyme on the carrier by physical and (or) chemical methods and function in an insoluble state during the food production process. 2.6 immobilized carrier The material that plays the role of immobilizing enzymes in immobilized enzyme GB 1886.174-2024 ? Buy True-PDF ? Auto-delivery Page 5 of 30 preparations. 3 Product classification According to product form, it is divided into solid dosage forms (including immobilized dosage forms) and liquid dosage forms. 4 Technical requirements 4.1 Requirements for raw materials and excipients 4.1.1 The raw materials and excipients used to produce enzyme preparations shall meet relevant requirements and shall not produce residual contamination harmful to health in the final food under th...

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