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DZ/T 0216-2002 English PDF (DZT0216-2002)

DZ/T 0216-2002 English PDF (DZT0216-2002)

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DZ/T 0216-2002: Specifications for coalbed methane resources/reserves

This Standard specifies the classification and grading standard, definitions, reserves calculation methods, reserves evaluation standard, and preparation requirements for reserves report of Chinese coalbed methane resources / reserves.
DZ/T 0216-2002 (Tracked version)
[Tracked version. Text in RED indicates the main differences with DZ/T0216-2010] DZ
ICS 73.020; 75·160·01
D 04
for coalbed methane resources / reserves
Issued by. Ministry of Land and Resources
of the People's Republic of China
Table of Contents
Foreword ... 3
1 Scope ... 4
2 Normative references ... 4
3 General provisions ... 5
4 Definitions ... 5
4.1 Coalbed methane ... 5
4.2 Coalbed methane resources ... 5
4.3 Coalbed methane exploration ... 6
4.4 Coalbed methane development ... 7
5 Classification and grading of coalbed methane resources / reserves ... 7 5.1 Classification and grading principles ... 7
5.2 Classification ... 7
5.3 Grading... 8
5.4 Classification and grading system of coalbed methane resources / reserves ... 9 6 Calculation of coalbed methane resources / reserves ... 11
6.1 Reserves initial-calculation conditions and calculation units ... 11 6.2 Reserves calculation method ... 13
7 Selection and value of coalbed methane resources / reserves calculation parameters ... 17
7.1 The determination of volumetric method parameters ... 17
7.2 Determination of parameters of numerical simulation method and production decline method ... 20
7.3 Parameters values of reserves calculation ... 20
8 Coalbed methane reserves evaluation ... 21
8.1 Geological comprehensive evaluation ... 21
8.2 Economic evaluation ... 22
8.3 Reserves report ... 23
Appendix A ... 24
Appendix B ... 26
Appendix C ... 27
C.1 Text of the report ... 27
C.2 Attaching figures and tables of report ... 27
C.3 Report attachments ... 28
for coalbed methane resources / reserves
1 Scope
This Standard specifies the classification and grading standard, definitions, reserves calculation methods, reserves evaluation standard, and preparation requirements for reserves report of China's coalbed methane resources / reserves.
This Standard is applicable to the ground-drill-development’s mine’s coalbed methane resources / reserves calculation; it is applicable to coalbed methane resources exploration, reserves calculation, development and design, and report preparation. It may be used as basis for the coalbed methane resources / reserves ownership transfer, securities trading, reserves assessment in other public service and commercial mining activities.
2 Normative references
The following standards contain the provisions which, through reference in this Standard, constitute the provisions of this Standard. For dated references, subsequent amendments (excluding corrections) or revisions do not apply to this Standard. However, the parties who enter into agreement based on this Standard are encouraged to investigate whether the latest versions of these documents are applicable. For undated reference documents, the latest
versions apply to this Standard.
GB 212-91 Proximate analysis of coal
GBn/T 270-88 Natural gas reserves specification
GB/T 13610-92 Analysis of natural gas by gas chromatography
Reserves-Release [1986] No. 147 Specification of geological exploration of coal resources
MT/T 77-94 Determination method of coalbed methane (desorption)
3 General provisions
3.1 The coalbed methane field (reserves) reservoir is heterogeneous. There exists the differences in gas content and capacity etc. It shall be appropriate to carry out rolling exploration-development. It shall conduct dynamic reserves assessment. From discovery to abandoned stages of exploration and
development, its operator shall - according to geological changes, changes in engineering data, technical and economic conditions or policies - conduct reserves evaluation, calculation, double-calculation, and business accounting in phrases.
3.2 Coalbed is the reservoir for coalbed methane. Coal field exploration and awareness degree is not only an important foundation for coalbed methane exploration deployment, but also an important basis for coalbed methane resources / reserves evaluation.
4 Definitions
4.1 Coalbed methane
The hydrocarbon gas of which the main component is methane; it is mainly absorbed to the particle surface of the coal matrix, and is partially dissociated in pores or dissolved in coalbed water.
4.2 Coalbed methane resources
4.2.1 Definition
Coalbed methane concentration that takes underground coal as reservoir and has economic significance. The amount is represented as resources amount or reserves amount.
4.2.2 Coalbed methane resources
The total amount of coalbed methane which is occurred in coalbed, according to the estimation by certain geological and exploration engineering basis; is recoverable in current time or future; and has the realistic economic significance and potential economic significance.
4.2.3 Original coalbed methane in place of coalbed methane Definition
4.3.3 Exploration
It refers to the actual implementation phase of coalbed methane exploration when implementing the project of coalbed methane exploration in the
evaluation selection to obtain the awareness on the nature of coal and gas content by parameter-well or geophysical engineering, so as to obtain coalbed methane’s capacity and well optimization parameters under technical
conditions by single-well and/or small well-network development tests. Coalbed methane reserves can be calculated according to exploration results.
4.4 Coalbed methane development
It refers to formal mining activities of coalbed methane resources according to certain developing plans and deployment of development well-network with certain well spacing in the exploration area. Coalbed methane is generally suitable for rolling exploration and development.
5 Classification and grading of coalbed methane
resources / reserves
5.1 Classification and grading principles
The classification of coalbed methane resources / reserves is determined by economic benefits yielded by production and sales in certain policies, laws, time and environmental conditions. Based on the economic feasibility, it is divided into 3 categories - commercial, sub-commercial, and intrinsic commercial. economic evaluation of the project. The classification shall be based on the principle of geological understanding level of coalbed methane resources. Based on exploration and development projects, level of geological knowledge, it is divided into 2 grades – discovered and to be discovered. The discovered coalbed methane resources, also known as coalbed methane geological
reserves, is divided into 3 grades – predicted, controlled and proved, based on geological confidence. The appropriate grades of recoverable reserves can be determined according to the geological reserves.
5.2 Classification
5.2.1 Commercial
In the current economic and technical conditions, production and sales of coalbed methane are technically feasible, economically reasonable
has verified the coalbed methane resources and recoverability in the
exploration scope. The confidence level of coalbed methane resources is high. Co...

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