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CQC-C1106-2014 English PDF (CQC-C1106-2014)

CQC-C1106-2014 English PDF (CQC-C1106-2014)

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CQC-C1106-2014: China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Motor vehicle brake hose

China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Brake Hose of Motor Vehicle is compiled based on the requirements of Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification - Brake Hose of Motor Vehicle (CNCA-C11-04:2014). This Implementation Detailed-Rules is used together with the Implementation Rules as supportive document.
Serial No.. CQC-C1106.2014
China Compulsory Certification
Implementation Detailed-Rules
Brake Hose of Motor Vehicle
China Quality Certification Center
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Table of Contents
0. Introduction??...??5
0.1 Terms and Definitions??...??5
0.2 Classification Management Requirements of Manufacturing Enterprises??...??6 0.3 Requirements on Utilizing Testing Resources of Manufacturing Enterprises??...??8 1. Application Scope??...??9
2. Certification Standards??...??9
3. Certification Mode??...??9
3.1 Basic Certification Mode??...??9
3.2 Applicability of Certification Mode??...??9
4. Division of Certification Units??...??10
5. Certification Entrusting??...??10
5.1 Proposal and Acceptance of Certification Application??...??10
5.2 Application Materials??...??11
5.3 Implementation Arrangement??...??12
6. Implementation of Certification??...??12
6.1 Type Test??...??12
6.2 Initial Factory Inspection??...??16
6.3 Certification Evaluation and Determination??...??19
6.4 Certification Time-limit??...??19
6.5 Service-parts of discontinued vehicle model??...??19
7. After-Certification Supervision??...??19
7.1 After-certification follow-up inspection??...??19
7.2 Sampling Test or Inspection at the Production On-site??...??20
7.3 Market Sampling Test or Inspection??...??21
7.4 Frequency and Time of After-Certification Supervision??...??21
7.5 Record of After-Certification Supervision??...??22
7.6 Evaluation of Supervision Result after getting the certificate??...??22 8. Certificate??...??22
8.1 Maintenance of the certificate??...??22
8.2 Content of the Certificate??...??22
8.3 Change of the Certificate??...??23
8.4 Cancellation, Suspension and Withdrawal of the Certificate??...??24
8.5 Use of the Certificate??...??24
9. Certification Mark??...??24
9.1 Mark style permitted to use??...??24
9.2 Use Requirements??...??25
10. Charge??...??25
11. Certification Responsibility??...??25
12. Procedures and Time-limit Related to Technical Disputes, Complaints and Appeals??.??25 Attachment I Requirements of??...??27
Conformity of Production Control Plan??...??27
Attachment II Certification Implementation of Service Parts for After-sales Maintenance for Discontinued Vehicle Model??...??30
0. Introduction
?€?China Compulsory Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules - Brake Hose of Motor Vehicle?€? (hereinafter referred to as Implementation Detailed-Rules) is compiled based on the requirements of ?€?Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification - Brake Hose of Motor Vehicle?€? (CNCA-C11-04.2014) (hereinafter referred to as Implementation Rules). This Implementation Detailed-Rules is used together with the Implementation Rules as supportive document.
The product scope, certification basis and all other contents of this Implementation Detailed-Rules shall comply with relevant provisions of Implementation Rules. It shall also be adjusted according to the Notices such as defined directory and directory adjustment that are issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the PEOPLE Republic of China (hereafter referred to as CNCA).
In accordance with the provisions of Implementation Rules, following the principles of maintaining the effectiveness of product certification, improving quality of product, serving certification companies, and controlling risk of certification, CQC formulates and issues this Certification Implementation Detailed-Rules. Through establishing the classification management requirements of manufacturing enterprises, and combining the classification of manufacturing enterprises, this Detailed-Rules determines the implementation requirements for China compulsory certification of brake hose of motor vehicles.
0.1 Terms and Definitions
0.1.1 Brake hose. flexible hoses used to transmit or store hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pressure or vacuum to provide braking force to the braking system. The following also referred to as hose.
Brake hose assembly. composed by brake hose and brake hose end fitting, and brake hose and brake hose end fitting are permanently connected.
0.1.2 Testing at Manufacturer?€?s Premises (abbreviated as TMP mode)
It means that the engineers of designated laboratory use the testing equipment in the factory laboratory to conduct testing. The factory shall dispatch test personnel to provide assistance. The designated laboratory will examine, approve and issue the test report.
0.1.3 Witnessed Manufacturer?€?s Testing (abbreviated as WMT mode)
It means that the engineer of designated laboratory witnesses the factory laboratory?€?s test conditions and all tests completed by using the laboratory?€?s equipment or according to the test plan submitted; or witnesses part of the test conditions and the test items. Test personnel of the factory laboratory shall provide the original records In case there is any change, the documents publicized by CQC shall prevail. In principle, the classification result of manufacturing enterprises shall be upgraded according to the sequence of D-C-B-A; and downgraded according to the sequence of A-B-C-D or it may be directly downgraded to the corresponding category according to the risk evaluation.
0.3 Requirements on Utilizing Testing Resources of Manufacturing Enterprises 0.3.1 Scope
Applicable to after-certification supervision sampling test and supplementary difference-test when the certificate is changed.
0.3.2 Implementation
If the manufacturing enterprise has the testing equipment and testing capacity that are required by ?€?Implementation Rules for China Compulsory Certification. Utilization Requirements of Testing Resources and Other Certification Results of the Manufacturing Enterprise?€? and the certification standards, then the CLIENT, manufacturer, or manufacturing enterprise can apply for testing to utilize the testing resources of the manufacturing enterprise (hereinafter referred to as the factory laboratory) and perform the self-inspection. The self-inspection result and relevant materials shall be submitted to CQC for review. The factory laboratories of which the materials pass the review are allowed to perform TMP or WMT (hereinafter also referred to as on-site test) with factory laboratory resources.
In principle, CQC shall not organize inspection only for factory laboratory. Generally, factory laboratory inspection application of the CLIENT shall be proposed together with on-site test application. CQC shall organize the technical specialists from designated laboratories to perform both inspections. Inspection group shall inspect the laboratory capability first; and keep the relevant inspection and assessment record; after conformance, then perform production on-site inspection.
0.3.3 Qualification maintenance
CQC shall perform regular (such as once a year, or adjusted according to frequency) supervision to the certified factory laboratory. In principle, laboratory supervision shall be made together with after-certification supervision. Factory laboratory shall take part in contrast test to ensure the test accuracy and maintain the qualification. When it is needed by the manufacturing enterprise, it can perform single test in response to the on-site test raised by CLIENT; the test result is only applicable to this on-site test. The factory laboratory may be exempted from supervision to maintain the qualification. When there is same-item requiring for on-site test, application for approval shall be made again. Type test samples shall be regular products of manufacturing enterprise of CLIENT. CLIENT shall promise that all samples are consistent with actual produced products, and are not allowed to borrow, rent or purchase samples for test. CQC and/or designated laboratory shall check the authenticity of samples provided by the CLIENT. When laboratory is not sure about the authenticity of samples, it shall report to CQC and handle it accordingly. Sample submission/sampling mode
CLIENT shall prepare samples in accordance with type test plan, and send the samples to designated laboratory. When required by CLIENT, CQC may arrange inspectors to sample when performing production conformity inspection of 6.2.3. In this case, Sampling shall be made on the premise that factory inspection is concluded as qualified; or there is conformity item, it needs the written-mode to verify the effectiveness of corrective measures.
In principle, manufacturing enterprises shall send the samples to designated laboratory ...

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